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Thread: Viewsat Lite Dead

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    Viewsat Lite Dead

    Hi Guys,

    My VS lite won't turn boot up.
    Clone was tried with another platinum unit but still nothing.
    Can not send anything to box using loader & null modem cable
    loader keep reseting after numerous tries.
    Did power check on power supply, supply voltages are good.
    Sometimes when power switch is switched on I see this on display " .L "
    but L is reversed with . on right side.

    How can I revive this unit ?

    Last edited by darklist; August 27th, 2007 at 02:06 PM.

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    Re: Viewsat Lite Dead

    reed the site rules before you post , no questions on the file section you have to post in the general discussion or you get banded fro the site
    Please, DO NOT PM admins/mods for help. Ask your question in the proper forum so that others who have the same problem or question may benefit from the answer. Thank you.

    Read the rules here: Rules

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