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Thread: ultra problems

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    ultra problems

    Had same problem many people were having, turns out my reciever was a clone. Purchased a reciever as my old one could not be fixed cheaply.Made sure to purchase an original vs ultra this time and have no problems at all. Alot of us thought we had originals but were fooled into buying clones.Be sure circuit board where powere supply comes in is white, tan board is a clone. None of my friends with authentic vs ultra's have had any problems whatsoever.

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    Re: ultra problems


    i know of a least 30 of my friends that have ultras all bought at same dealer all have been updated as new bin # come out including 9 11 & 914 with not one of them with a single problem. just thought i could help shed some light on this dilemma . Good Luck Every Buddy. CHEERS

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