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Thread: VS Ultra or VS Pro

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    VS Ultra or VS Pro

    Hi all,
    Last month I got my first receiver VS Ultra and easily install it (after I spend days and days in this forum). Currently I am getting signals from 61.5, 110 and 119. Everything is fine and still up and running with the 010914U bin file.

    I would like to get another receiver and since there are a lots of options, I wanted to try something else than Ultra. I really like my VS receiver so I will stick with the VS models.

    I don't have much money to spend on it so my choices are VS Ultra or the VS Pro. Ultra is $168 and Pro is $190.

    Ultra has better/stable firmware and program but Pro is getting there slowly.
    Pro has 260mHz, Ultra has 200mHz processor.
    Pro has advantage of plug-in external HDD for recording. (I am not planning in near future to do it)

    What you would pick? I don't mind paying $22 more if I am getting better, faster receiver. I am just not sure, if the support for the Pro is same as Ultra (or it will be sometimes on near future).

    I am just a newbie the support quality is all I care. Ultra's set up was really easy for me and I am hopping Pro is almost same.

    And pro has no clone problems so far (hopefully).

    Please share your advices.

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    Re: VS Ultra or VS Pro


    I am the proud owner of 2 Viewsat Ultras. A friend of mine asked me to set up his Pro. I found it very confusing and much harder to set up than the Ultra. The controls in the Ultra are easy to find and manipulate but the Pro was a pain. While I did get it working for him I know there are a few things he will have to figure out to get it working well.

    I am in the market for a PVR but what I've decided to do is set up another FTA receiver, haven't decided which one yet, with my Pioneer DVD recorder. This has a 250 Gig harddrive on it so it should be able to record whatever I need plus burn to a DVD anything I want to keep.

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