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Thread: How can I configure the antenna setup?

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    How can I configure the antenna setup?

    I deleted the channels, but now I've tried so many configurations and some of the channels I had I am not being able to get. I have a viewsat extreme.
    Can someone help me?

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    Re: How can I configure the antenna setup?

    U need to know what type of lnb you have.. do you have Legacy or do you have Dish Pro or DPPlus LNBs? Also.. are they single/dual lnbs? Twin lnbs? or Quad lnbs? would help to know, if you are using an external switch of any kind and what it is.. what sats are your pointing at.. if you could provide, just a little more info.. we could help you so much easier.. after all. we are not there to see what you have.. lol and my crystal ball's batteries ran down over the weekend.. lol here is a basic settings.. you will have to figure out .. which Type of LNB you have... but this works on most ... not all
    LNB Power------------On for all Sats...
    LNB Type----------Standard(Legacy)----------OCS-DP(Dish Pro DPPlus)
    LNB Freq-----------11250 for all Ciruclar sats.. 10750 for Linear sats..
    22Khz-------------OFF for all sats..
    TP Freq:-----------119(12239)-----------110(12224)--------9(12224)
    119 has a spotbeam on 12224.. if you are within that spotbeam. you can use 12224, if not.. then use the 12239...
    this is if you use an external DiseqC switch or if you have a Twin or Quad LNB, which has an internal switch...
    Motor---------------Unless you have a motor.. OFF------------
    Legacy SW-----------Unless you are using it.. None..
    I do hope that helps a little.. but please post enough information to be assisted.. otherwise, we are all just guessing, when we make suggestions.. and these are just suggestions.. good luck.. txsgent...

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