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Thread: VS Ultra2000 [save Dolby audio]

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    VS Ultra2000 [save Dolby audio]

    Is anybody else able to save Dolby audio on these specific channels?

    This is the first bin/fix I've seen that has this bug in it. You are able to save/get the Dolby audio while you are on the channel but when you change channels and come back you lose your audio preference?

    no show stopper but it would be nice to confirm this with another owner.
    all in all I think the programmers have done a fantastic job and I am well pleased.

    If you have noticed this bug and are running a 5.1 surround home theater please let me know!


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    Re: VS Ultra2000 [save Dolby audio]

    Which PGM file are you talking about? if you are talking about the PGM that was dated 071108... it had an audio issue.. If you installed the 071109 file.. after installing the 071108 file.. then you should have read the Read Me file.. that came with it.. it said.. to do a factory default and redo your settings first.. then install the 071109 file.. to avoid audio issues.. if you don't know your settings for each sat. write them down first, before doing a factory default.. keep us posted, hope that helps. good luck, txsgent

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    Re: VS Ultra2000 [save Dolby audio]

    I already did all of that. It still does not allow saving Dolby audio once you change channels it defaults back.

    Is there a user that can verify the no-save bug? must be using a Dolby digital capable surround receiver

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    Re: VS Ultra2000 [save Dolby audio]

    This is a bug - it has been verified by other users. Dolby audio will not save with Dolby broadcast channels. you can save while you're watching but when you leave the channel you will lose the setting.

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