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Thread: searching certain channels

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    searching certain channels

    Hi I previously owned an ariza xtreme and upgraded to a viewsat 2000 ultra, I used to recieve the channels such as SUN TV, KTV, etc. international channels that were on the Nimiq 2 satellite. Now I can't seem to find those channels on my viewsat and I've been trying for 2 weeks with no luck. Does anyone know what I can do? Any help is much appreciated.

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    Re: searching certain channels

    Sun tv is on nimiq 1, channel 2213 on veiwsat, if you are not getting it, try reprogramming your channels. As for the international channels they are on nimiq 2, do you have your system setup to get both sats????
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    Re: searching certain channels

    umm yes ive seen Sun TV on that channel but it seems to be some space program?
    im looking for the international channels on channels 600-700 i used to get with ariza, The bollywood type channels, i tried chaning my settings for nimiq 2 buh im nto sure if theres a specific setting or not?

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    Re: searching certain channels

    specifically SunTV channe; 610
    KTV channel 667
    channels ARE correct

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    Re: searching certain channels

    Hi everyone great site viewsat ultra vs 2000 119 and 110 sats triying to get link tv and tve channels

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    Re: searching certain channels

    Hi. Still down PPV ,HBO, ETC. Can somebody help? Great site .Thank you.

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    a/r fix has freeze-frame

    dick net must be auto-rolling every 5 minutes or more cause I get a freeze-frame then resume that often

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    Re: searching certain channels


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    Re: searching certain channels

    same thing happen to me scuggers1 I don't know if anybody have new fix for platinum please you can help us and thanks.

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    Re: searching certain channels

    Skittl3s If you do not get that channel, have you tryed downloading a new updated channel list? It is possible that the transponder freq. is not programed in. You could try a blind scan but i don't recomend it.
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