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Thread: What loader do I use?

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    Hi. Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving. I'm a rookie. Right now I don' have PPV OR Premium channels. Last night I enter the new keys manually and nothing happened. I see tah today there's a new bin. I downloaded the LOADER 2. I need help with the steps. Can someone give sept by step instructions? Really appreciated.
    I just asked for help as to what to do.I downloaded LOADER2. Am I suppossed to open Loader2 and then download your files? I'm a rookie. Need some help.TY
    Last edited by Rumas; November 24th, 2007 at 02:51 PM.

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    Re: Downloading

    What receiver do you have

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    Re: PVRSW 071124A. Latest ppv fix

    this file is for the vs 7000 pvr if that is the receiver you have then download the file open loader find the file hit pc to stb and turn on switch on back of receiver

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    Re: PVRSW 071124A. Latest ppv fix


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    Re: PVRSW 071124A. Latest ppv fix

    yes but dont use that bin file i posted it wont work on your reciver

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    Re: PVRSW 071124A. Latest ppv fix

    Figured. The info helps, though.

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    Re: PVRSW 071124A. Latest ppv fix

    thank you avichuchu for new files it is working.

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    Re: PVRSW 071124A. Latest ppv fix

    Sorry to bother u,I don't have PPv or Premium channels. Somebody posted a new bin. If I download that and it doesn't work, would I lose the channels I already have?TY

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    Re: PVRSW 071124A. Latest ppv fix

    sorry i dont have a Xtrem but the latest bin for that is posted it should give you ppv again and no you shouldnt lose the regular channels you have now you might have to rescan your sat channels after loading new bin

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    Re: PVRSW 071124A. Latest ppv fix

    THANKS A BUNCH FOR UR HELP. I really appreciated.

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