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Thread: H-H motor control for the viewsat

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    H-H motor control for the viewsat

    First I'd like to say that viewsat is not the best system for H-H control. But if you have one this is the best way to get one up and running.

    **** you need a Motor compatable dish. 32" -> 41" I have convered a 18" to be used with a motor but involves cutting it up a little. *****

    2 types i recomend are the Stab h-h (Italian design) and the Sg2100.

    Pros and cons.

    Stab h-h - Fast and very very basic. I have installed several of these and never had a problem with them. They like the thicker cable and might have to spend a little more on that to stop them from drifting. (drifting is when the motor looses it's position and then re-aligns to center and back to it's defined position) The Stab motor is 2x faster the the sg2100

    Sg 2100 - Little slower then the stab but has external controls, Is a little easier to setup and has elevation settings. Will work with less thicker cable and very stable motor. Manual EAST / WEST button, Easy Installation with LED Indicator, Ultra Low Noise (quiet compared to the Stab)

    Both are DiSEqC 1.2 compatable and i recomend setting up in USALS Altho you can set up in manual mode. (viewsats hate manual mode)

    Universal Satellites Automatic Location System (USALS), also known (unofficially) as DiSEqC 1.3, Go X or Go to XX is a satellite motor protocol that automatically creates a list of available satellite positions in a motorised satellite dish setup. It is used in conjunction with the DiSEqC 1.2 protocol. It was developed by STAB, an Italian motor manufacturer, who still make the majority of USALS compatible motors.

    Software on the satellite receiver (or external positioner) calculates the position of all available satellites from an initial location (input by the user), which is the latitude and longitude relative to Earth. Calculated positions can differ ±0.1 degrees from the offset. This is adjusted automatically and does not require previous technical knowledge.

    If you have this motor then I will skip the basics of setup. There is 3 angles you need to know. Your Lat, Your Long and your deg. (the proper settings will be listed in your motor manual for your area)

    Set these in your USALS settings in your viewsat and then use Nimiq 91 at your aiming target. it's only a few deg. off of 90 so is easy to get right.

    Move the dish from right to left until you get a good signal. With a motor your post needs to be 100% perfect or the arc of the motor will not track all the sats properly. When you get signal on nimiq91 all the rest should fall into place. If not, re aim 91 a little better. When aiming to a circular sat (like Bev, Dish and DTV) Signal strength is always stronger and when aiming at a liniar sat (like Galaxy 5, Telstar, Ect) aiming has to be right on the money or will not even know the sat is there.

    I recomend http://www.lyngsat.com for all transponders and channels available on all FTA and pay channels.

    This is a quick info for anyone intrested into a motor setup. It's better then making your house look the the Mire Space station If you need more detains and pics just let me know.

    Testing a viewsat Lite, extreme, ultra and 9000
    40" sat-radar Stab h-h motor Invacom Quad Polar LNB True FTA

    Three things are certain: Death, taxes, and ECMs. Guess which has occurred...

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    Re: H-H motor control for the viewsat

    Hi, I try to set up my viewsat Ultra and a stab HH90. I try to fix USALS mode,but i dont' understand with the longitude and latitude parameter. I fix the dish 0n Nimiq 91 to get a strong signal. I used a Invacom Quad. But now i'm confuse. thks for help!

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