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Thread: Ultras is down!?or is it just me!

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    Ultras is down!?or is it just me!

    PLz Could someone tell me if ultras is working whit the new bin!

    was working yesterday ! but aint tonight !

    Tx !

    peace !

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    Re: Ultras is down!?or is it just me!

    bev is currently down again. Yes, it was working yesterday, but is down again and I suspect this will be happening for a while and new files will be released to compensate as it goes. For right now, you just have to wait. All receivers are experiencing the same problems.
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    Re: Ultras is down!?or is it just me!

    nope mine is down to

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    Re: Ultras is down!?or is it just me!

    bev channels are going down but dn is still up.at least for me anyway

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