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Thread: Please Proceed With Extreme Caution

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    Please Proceed With Extreme Caution

    Hey Guys, Please Proceed With Extreme Caution when downloading new file releases - It has come to our attention that there are multiple bogus files that are being circulated through the community ( by individuals that are hired by unknown individuals) that have the ability to wipe out your recieviers memory and data chips via downloads - DO NOT WHAT SO EVER DOWNLOAD A FILE THAT HAS NOT BEEN TESTED BY EITHER THE MODERATOR OF A SITE THAT YOU TRUST AND HAVE USED IN THE PAST (Sorry for the CAPS ) but this is extreamly important as this can effect the FTA community drastically - IF YOU SEE A FILE RELEASED BY AN INDIVIDUAL THAT YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE OR HEARD OF BEFORE - DO NOT DOWNLOAD - WAIT FOR A RESPONCE BY ONE OF YOUR MODERATORS OF YOUR FAVORITE SITE FIRST - Please stay faithful to your favorite site that you have experienced 100% success rate in the past This is for informational purposes only and we do not want to hear any bad news that your were one of the many that was missled Thanks Rexer - Stay and Play Safe

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    Re: Please Proceed With Extreme Caution

    Amen Rexer
    Also no one should post a file unless it has been tested by them. Getting out of the gate first and posting a bin just to get your name in a forum, doesn't help anyone if it contains a kill code in it. So as rexer said lets play it safe and we will all benefit from it.
    Please, DO NOT PM admins/mods for help. Ask your question in the proper forum so that others who have the same problem or question may benefit from the answer. Thank you.

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