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Thread: Different Bins for the VS Pro

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    Different Bins for the VS Pro

    I have only been using the VS Pro for only a week. So far thing are going good. Not much support fr this one. My question is there are two bins out. one ends in "A" and the other ends in "P". Is there a differencs? I am finding that I need to use two forums to get this unit to work. I find that this forum has the best down loads for loaders and bins.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Re: Different Bins for the VS Pro

    it doesn't matter if ends with A or B or C or P and their is no different its only how the coders get to finalized the scrip to have some initial testing ,, so you just check that file must start with VSPRO-yy-mm-dd - most likely if the file start with DBPSW then will be fallow with p after the date of the zip file

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    Re: Different Bins for the VS Pro

    Thank you for the explanation on the bin files.

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