Viewsat 9000HD FAQ's

Hi Guys,
I've been seeing a lot of repetitive threads over the past little while so thought I would take a moment to create a FAQ where people can "HOPEFULLY" read and have some of their current questions answered without wasting unnecesary bandwith.

This is NOT a discussion thread, but if you feel that there is something missing (which I'm sure there is, feel free to add and I will try and update the first post to keep everything in one post. Hope this helps at east one person, and mods feel free to sticky if deemed fit.

How do I setup my 9000HD??

FlyboyJr created a pretty good How-to located here
Viewsat 9000 HD Version 2

1.) My machine is not switching properly between different birds i.e 110/119 or 82/91

The current beta bin with the 9000 currently does not support sw-21 and sw-44 switches. Use a diseqC, or 22khz switch as a workaround or wait for the coders to fix.

2.)My machine is extremely warm to the touch

This has already been reported and a workaround is to leave the unit in a well ventilated area or use a laptop cooling mat. Apparently this is quite common for HD machines.

3.)I am unable to record more than a small amount of time with an external HDD

This is a known issue as the PVR functionality is not fully functional in the current beta bin

4.)What does the “all in One” module do??

This hardware add-on will allow you to view Charlie HD. Note: this is an extra add-on and can be purchased via fleabay for $199 or in the near future from some select retailers.

5.)Can I get HD channels without the “all in One”??

Yes, nimiq 82w carried HD channels that will work with the unit shipped as is.

6.)What is the best way to load the 3rd party file( *.pgm)?

Right now I would recommend only loading via a USB key, as it has been reported that some people using the various loader programs via serial cable have had issued with their machine not booting afterwards.

Note: when loading via USB it might take a while for the file to load and you "MUST" wait for the machine to fully reboot before doing anything.

7.)Do I need to factory reset, and load the factory bin before loading the latest file??

NO, unless it is stated to do so in the release notes. The latest bin will overwrite whatever is already there. No need for the extra steps

8.)My receiver is stuck on “STARTING….” On the main display?

If this message does not go away after a minute or so, try and hit the switch in the back to get past this step. This has worked for some, and not for others. If this does not work then I suggest you search the threads for next step as it could get lengthy and then ask for help if needed.

9. How do I know if the "all in one" module is recognized by my 9000HD??

Once you plug in the module and attach it to your STB, verify in Menu -> System Settings -> external Tuner
If this option is greyed out, then check your connections, If you are able to set the option ON or OFF then it is recognized!!

10. How do I connect the small coax cable for the 'All in ONE' in the back of my 9000??

You need to connect the small coax cable from the 'All in One' to the "loop out" under the LNB IN port. Furthest bottom port to the right of the machine