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Thread: still down?

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    still down?

    Just loaded new bins... Wanted to know if anyone else is still down or I did something wrong.

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    Re: still down?

    I'm also down on both DN and B3V with my VS Ultra.

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    Re: still down?

    sucks.. seems DN hired some Interns

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    Re: still down?

    me too still down today

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    Partially down

    PPV, some ESPN, TNT,HGTV....still down on my VS Pro. They seem to be on echo 7 sat. Verified the keys and they look good.

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    Re: still down?

    if you have 110° and 119° sat's there are still a few PPV's and premium channels available in the higher SID's. Some even carry Dolby digital signals.

    if I recall they are in the 5000's and are labeled DRMT, VOD, SOON, etc. sometimes they will carry no EPG but who cares?

    I have saved a favorite list that includes all the basic movies which never were down and the other one's as well.

    just autoscan again if you had deleted any of these prior to the a/r issue.

    you can also use the 5/23 bin as a back-up fix. there's no freezing or dolby audio issues on the 5000's [higher SID's] that have PPV

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    Re: still down?

    Yeah, this one's a toughy to crack. My sources say a few days before new Viewsat patches will be out.
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    Re: still down?

    Quote Originally Posted by dbutler View Post
    Yeah, this one's a toughy to crack. My sources say a few days before new Viewsat patches will be out.

    Oh well, it seems me and the wife will have to spend that time having sex.. Damn it.

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