Hi Guys,

Looking for some help I'm trying to get some true FTA channels but not having much luck maybe If I list what I got someone can't help me figure out what I'm doing wrong!!!

I got a Ultra with factory bin 146 I believe (got from here Thanks)
got a 121 Superdish FSS stacked LNB

I've been able to hit 119 or the viewsat says on a couple TP set like this

tp 12030 quility 40
tp12147 Quility 0-12
power on
lnb standard
disc off

I'v also hit another bird
azmth about 7 degrees higher
almost due south
thinking it might possible be a Galixy at 181 maybe 17????
but I can"t get more than about 20-24 Quility
blind scan no channels

I'm in the badger state maybe I'm trying to hit a sat thats to weak for the rig I got!!
Tried to figure out witch sats were strongest for my neck of the woods but I just have never been able to figure out Lysat
So if anyone sees something that looks wrong please let me know
I know a bigger dish and a better LNB would probable help but working part time don't really allow for that at this time.
So again any help would be greatly appreciated.

Even if nothing else a stronger bird to shoot at ???
Thanks in advance for any input