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Thread: How to fix "unknown" icon showing on Windows 7 icons

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    How to fix "unknown" icon showing on Windows 7 icons

    I had some trouble with icons basically being blank or just showing a generic Windows 7 icon. Here's what I had to do to bring the icons back:

    • Delete the file IconCache.db in C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local
    • Create a new empty file named IconCache.db in the same folder. This can be done, for example, by opening Notepad and doing nothing but going to save, entering the aforementioned file name exactly as written, and clicking save.
    • Right click the file you have just created and make it Read Only. Vital step!!
    • Reboot the computer. All your icons are recreated correctly.
    • Go to the IconCache.db file you created and uncheck the Read Only box.

    I hope that this will help somebody out there.

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    Probationary PBP Member PBP New Member Rank 0 helloitsme's Avatar
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    Re: How to fix "unknown" icon showing on Windows 7 icons

    Thank you so much No Warranty, I had this firsdt a couple of weeks ago, with just one application, Registry Mechanic. I thought nothing more of it and expecte dit to correct itself . Then tonight , two more icons went the same so it made me think there's something wrong here. I did a search and yours was pretty much the first I clicked on, Your instructions were spot on. I deleted the file and recreated and set it to read only, restarted, presto it's fixed first time. Thanks again

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