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  • You're no pain at all :). Sorry, I was just studying for a bit and was away from my PC. Sent you a PM.
    hey 78-z28 here is the paid server if you want it,,

    hey bud how is it going hope all is well,, to the question on the NFi I my self never done any testing on this system but I got a good understanding on how it works..
    I hate to be the 1 with the bad new to gave you all that NF post that was going around for the past month saying that they where going to have a fix for everybody was a big fat lie like they been doing to all of the members just to get money from you guys..
    as far as that fix that is where a privte person took matter into his on hand and set up his own server its not perfix but it's something,, I'm not sure but it mybe a paid sub so do some checking on it 1st.

    I beleave NF is no longer and everything that they post like they have been posting for over a year is all B.S,
    I hope I was able to help you understand what it is all about..
    good luck lit bil
    sorry I did not get to you sooner I added you to my friends wall thanks for the invite..

    lit bil
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