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    Its good to see you again,, I have notice you have not accepted the rules, we gave our members a choce here if you not going to accepted rules you should at lest read them..Computer & Consumer Electronics Help forum - Forum Rules

    This is just a reminder of the rules,, the "CHAT BOX" is for small talk only! it not ment for helping members doing testing on there system,, that is what the forums is for.
    Post a thread for the help you need so other members can learn and help you as well " being you are not new to the site" this will be a kindly reminder and we will make a "NOTE" on this.
    Here is a link to the rules right below..

    Computer & Consumer Electronics Help forum - Forum Rules

    good luck with your quest.
    lit bil
    yeah still good if not holla at me and i will give u a new key HAHAHa
    I have the Total Internet Security good till 2013 5 year lic update daily
    Had for couple months no prob
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