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    thanks bud sorry for not getting to you sooner

    how have you been other then that hope all is well,,
    When i registered i did not see them and not sure how to accept them now......ricklbert
    Just a reminder I notice you did NOT accepted the forum rules, when ever we have to gave a notice it's best to remind the members of the rules..

    thank you
    buttman302, aka lit bil
    Computer & Consumer Electronics Help forum - Forum Rules
    Yep everything is alright except for the gale force winds and the storms that we have had all week all is well thanks for the concern, how's the weather down south.........ricklbert
    good for you have a great trip and my god keep you and your family safe
    that cool, i had to pass on the mod along time ago i am a mod at a few other site so i know how much you have to do, we all cannot be cheifs, i like being an indain as you know, this way i could bitch if i want to but you look good as a mod you will always have my support
    congrets rick you are now a modertor keep up he great work here thanks for all the work you have giving us

    not sure what you question is lil bil........this may help

    DBFN Upload Site - Host Your Files For Free
    hey rick my computer crashed and i lost all my stuff would you have the name of the new site that dbfn please pm me with it
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