1. adrienshepard

    Minecraft Staff application -Killaboy

    ​name:jaiage:12 skype:allready Reason i would like to be Staff is because i love to help out people have fun build and ban di**s kick spamers and love to have fun with people and get along well
  2. adrienshepard

    MineCraft Staff Application -Kozax123

    applying for staff staff:developer Good At:Helping Building And Alot Of Other stuff What Can I Do: I Can Help Players And Make Sure They Dont Abuse Or Hack For their Own Good I Can Help Alot I can Help others by helping and building for them if theres any hackers i will report to a staff...
  3. C

    Application For Admin Or Mod

    Staff Application For Admin Or Mod Hello And My IGN Is CrazyGamer30 And I Want To Apply For Admin. I Have Been Playing Minecraft For 5 Years Now And I Have Experience Of Being An Admin Before. Im From Singapore And I Usually Play At 5pm-7pm Everyday(Most Of The Time). If A Person Disrespects...
  4. A


    Hey guys .. I wanna talk about raptorplayer.. She or he idk is griefin on 5 server. We should ban her asap. -Jonas-
  5. adrienshepard

    [ALERT!] Alert! Minecraft accounts and servers in danger this is how to fix

    if you have a premium server get a plugin called authme on my channell there is a working premium account hacker released and notch could get hacked at any time and theres a rumor that hes op the fix for this is ban notch and get authme you should probly ban jeb to just incase FOR THOSE WHO...
  6. adrienshepard

    [Awesome!] bigest minecraft hacker ever

    on this server i was a mod at the time and he wasent and he was flying no one gave him fly i recorded it and showed the admins and they dident care ban iprizzy from your server asap or youle get a bunch of hackers on your server
  7. No Warranty

    Canadian Soccer Association suspends Quebec group over turban ban

    The Canadian Soccer Association announced Monday it was suspending the Quebec Soccer Federation until the provincial group lifts its ban on players wearing turbans. More...
  8. FTA Hacker

    Pa. texting-while-driving ban takes effect

    Pennsylvania state troopers plan to begin full enforcement of a ban on texting behind the wheel as soon as it takes effect, a spokeswoman said. Trooper Robin Mungo told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette tickets will probably cost drivers $136, a $50 fine plus court costs. The ban was scheduled to go...
  9. the doctor

    Court: CA gay marriage ban is unconstitutional (AP)

    AP - A federal appeals court on Tuesday declared California's same-sex marriage ban to be unconstitutional, putting the bitterly contested, voter-approved law on track to reach the U.S. Supreme Court. More...
  10. FTA Hacker

    Britain's PM Considers Social Media Ban to Curb Riots

    British Prime Minister David Cameron said Thursday he is considering a ban on social networking to help curb the riots that have rocked the country. More...
  11. CASPER

    Gay marriage foes appeal ruling on gay U.S. judge

    Supporters of California's gay marriage ban are appealing a ruling that a U.S. judge's own gay relationship was no basis for tossing out his decision in support of same-sex marriage. U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker in San Francisco last year struck down California's same-sex marriage ban...
  12. No Warranty

    Ban Ki-moon says he'll seek second term at U.N.

    (CNN) -- After an eventful first term marked by humanitarian crises, a global recession and the Arab Spring, Ban Ki-moon announced Monday his intention to seek a second five-year stint as the United Nations' secretary-general. Ban voiced his hope of staying in place at a news conference Monday...
  13. No Warranty

    Amid E. coli outbreak, Putin says EU veggie ban remains

    (CNN) -- Despite complaints from Europeans, Russia will keep intact its ban on vegetables from the European Union because of the outbreak of a rare strain of E. coli, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Friday. The European Union has told Russia that the ban contradicts the spirit of the...
  14. No Warranty

    Alberta lifts provincewide fire ban

    Rainy weather prompted the Alberta government Tuesday to lift a provincewide fire ban put in place last week. Rain has substantially reduced the number of fires in the province which has lessened the demands placed on firefighters. However, municipal and provincial park fire bans may still be...
  15. CASPER

    U.N. chief Ban hails bin Laden death as "watershed"

    U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Monday hailed Osama bin Laden's death as a key turning point in the world's struggle against terrorism. "The death of Osama bin Laden, announced by President (Barack) Obama last night, is a watershed moment in our common global fight against terrorism," Ban...
  16. Scammer

    New York City votes to ban smoking in parks, on beaches

    -- The city that never sleeps is moving closer to becoming the city that never smokes, or at least the city that highly restricts it. Nine years after the Big Apple banned smoking in its restaurants, the New York City Council on Wednesday voted to ban smoking in city parks and on city beaches...
  17. Scammer

    U.N.: Egypt must listen to its people

    -- U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has urged embattled leaders in the Middle East and North Africa to listen to the wishes of their own people, as civil unrest spreads across the region. Thousands of people took to the streets of Cairo on Friday to call for an end to Egyptian President Hosni...
  18. Scammer

    Ban: U.N. will stay in Ivory Coast

    The United Nations has said it will keep its peacekeepers in Ivory Coast despite a directive ordering them out from the west African nation's disputed president, Laurent Gbagbo. The U.N. security council joined several other world bodies in calling for Gbagbo to step dow after a contested...
  19. Scammer

    Ban: 'Worrying turn' in Ivory Coast

    U.N. peacekeepers stand guard in front of the Golf Hotel in Abidjan after armed fighters took up positions around it. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said the "political stalemate" in the Ivory Coast could lead to fighting, and he repeated his call for the incumbent to leave office after...
  20. Scammer

    Washington state bans alcoholic energy drinks

    Nine Central Washington University students were sickened at an off-campus party at this house last month. The Washington state Liquor Control Board on Wednesday banned the sale of alcoholic energy drinks after a group of college students got sick from consuming a drink nicknamed "blackout in...