1. B

    [ALERT!] Application for staff

    my name is mark im 13 my mc name is brutalsniprr and i would like to get staff on im Hungarian and I speak english and live in the UK. I have a youtube channel and would be honored to post videos of this server.Thank you for reading this
  2. P

    Long time DirecTV firsttime FTA , CNX-Nano ? Must have missed something

    Luckily I have been hanging DirecTV and Dishnetwork dishes for a couple decades , so mounting , elevating , bearing and powering motor was a breeze ( thankfully as instructions were vague ) . After getting good signal 75-99 I powered down , pulled meter , re-hooked cables and powered up ...

    [New file] Sonicview 360 elite sat.110/119 newest channel list bins

    Sonicview 360 elite sat.110/119 newest channel list bins
  4. P

    Channel list update

    can i get a channel list update, not getting these two channel hrtv and tvg
  5. No Warranty

    110 119 118 91 82 Standar Legacy DB Channel list

    This is for standard / Legacy LNBs If you need dish pro simply use channel master and convert. Enjoy!
  6. No Warranty

    Channel List for Coolsat with CAID 1816, for 118,119,110,61.5,blue bottom not required

    Here is the channel list made for coolsats with proper mapping of CAID 1816, so this procedure for the "blue button" is not required in order for channel to lite up. I have checked that on coolsat 4k, 5k, 6k, do not have any other coolsat receivers. Receiver is not going to bomb out and loose...

    Channel List 110/118/119/129

    Channel List 110/118/119/129
  8. E

    I-Link 9000 Plus Channel Editor

    I-Link 9000 Plus Channel Editor helps edit your .img channel list. You can add full names instead of the short channel code.
  9. Bobbyorr

    Local Channels New York & Chicago

    Channel 8100 WABC=UP Channel 8101 WCBS=UP Channel 8102 WNBS=UP Channel 8103 WNYW=UP Channel 8104 WPIX=UP Channel 8105 WWOR=UP Channel 8120 WPXN=DOWN
  10. B

    PPV up on Premium

    PPV up on Premium -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ppv channel 103 is up=Gulliver's Travels ppv channel 290 is up=J Bieber The Movie
  11. A

    International Channels & 149/103 channel

    Hi, Just Checking on indian channels i only get few channels is it me or everyone the same ? and about channel 149/103 it comes and goes but other works good. On Nano Premium Thanks
  12. Bobbyorr

    ppv is up

    ppv channel 290 is up=The Chronicles Of Narnia 3 ppv channel 103 is up=No Strings Attached
  13. A

    nano premium to bell

    does nano works with bell ? and how about channel 149 fsc on dish. Thanks
  14. CASPER

    Channel List 110/119 Puerto Rico only

    Channel List 110/119 Puerto Rico This file is only for the Testers and or Users that live in the Puerto Rico Island ........
  15. CASPER

    [New file] SV360 Premier Channel Bin File

    360P Channel Bin File Enjoy
  16. N

    Missing Channels

    Anyone else lose channel 406 -FSC+?
  17. CASPER

    [New file] Openbox S9 Channel Editor

    Openbox S9 Channel Editor Here is the latest editing software
  18. CASPER

    NANOSAT PREMIUM scanned 110/119 channel list

    NANOSAT PREMIUM scanned 110/119 channel list you will likely have to change your sat settings to your own
  19. CASPER

    [New file] Openbox S9 Channel Editor (opens .dbs files)

    Openbox S9 Channel Editor (opens .dbs files) This one doesn't need the dbs2abs file conversion, accepts the dump from the box and saves the modified file as .dbs
  20. chrisp77

    what channel is ufc goning to be one

    does anyone know what channel ufcs gonna be on