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    True free Cuban Chanels

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    Cuba frees prisoners against wishes

    -- Two prominent Cuban dissidents who had refused to leave prison were released against their wishes on Saturday as the Cuban government continues to free opposition activists arrested during a notorious crackdown in 2003. Hector Maseda Gutierrez, whose wife Laura Pollan is one of the founders...
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    Cuban dissident known for hunger strikes detained

    -- Cuban authorities have detained dissident Guillermo Farinas, his mother told CNN. Police apprehended Farinas and another group of activists when they were on their way to a local jail to demand the release of another activist, Alicia Hernandez, his mother said Thursday night. Farinas, a...

    Mark Cuban Sues UFL for Unpaid $5 Million Loan.

    So much for that happy marriage. Mark Cuban, a huge proponent and investor in the United Football League, is suing the third-year professional football league for a $5 million loan he says should have been paid back by October. Cuban says Bill Hambrecht, co-founder of the UFL -- yes, Apple...
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    Cuba commutes last death sentence

    A Cuban court Tuesday commuted the sentence of the nation's only prisoner facing the death penalty, and instead sentenced him to 30 years in prison, according to the official Cubadebate website. Humberto Eladio Real Suárez faced the death penalty for a murder he carried out after he and six...
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    Cuban dissident unable to accept prize

    Cuban opposition activist and Sakharov Prize winner Guillermo Farinas holds a press conference on December 7 in Havana. Havana, Cuba -- An empty chair will represent Cuban dissident Guillermo Farinas Wednesday when the European Parliament awards him a top human rights prize. As of Tuesday...
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    Cuba to free five more prisoners

    Havana, Cuba -- Cuba's Roman Catholic Church on Thursday announced the names of five more prisoners to be freed who do not belong to a group of 52 jailed dissidents originally set for release. The church identified the four men and one woman as Juana Maria Mena Nieves, Domingo Mederos Ozuna...
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    Cuban dissident wins European Parliament freedom prize

    Havana, Cuba -- Cuban dissident Guillermo Farinas was awarded the European Parliament's 2010 Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought on Thursday. "Nominated in the name of all those who fight in Cuba for freedom and human rights, the 48-year-old doctor of psychology, independent journalist and...
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    Rights group questions fairness of Cuban spy trial in U.S.

    Havana, Cuba -- Amnesty International has questioned the fairness of a U.S. trial that convicted five Cuban agents of espionage, conspiracy to commit murder and other related charges. In a report issued earlier this week, the London-based human rights group described a "prejudicial impact of...
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    Cuban ID'd as potential Rangers bidder

    Cuban ID'd as potential Rangers bidder FORT WORTH, Texas, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is among the previously undisclosed bidders for the bankrupt Texas Rangers baseball team, an attorney revealed Tuesday. Glenn Kurtz, an attorney for the prospective ownership group considered the...
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    Journalism watchdog calls for Cuba blogger freedom

    HAVANA – A U.S.-based journalist watchdog group called Thursday for an end to what it described as "systemic harassment" of bloggers and independent journalists in Cuba, and urged the international community to step up its lobbying on the bloggers' behalf. The Committee to Protect Journalists...
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    Suit accuses Mavericks owner of diverting profits

    DALLAS (AP)—Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is accused of wrongfully diverting millions of dollars from the NBA franchise’s home arena to help make up for cash shortfalls incurred by the team, according to a lawsuit filed by a company controlled by the team’s former owner. The lawsuit claims...