1. No Warranty

    Widely used encryption standard is insecure, say experts

    XML encryption, used to secure communications between Web services, can be exploited so that sensitive information is decrypted. Some interesting read I came across to share. Any comments?
  2. FTA Hacker

    Toshiba doubles capacity, adds encryption to enterprise hard drive

    Toshiba will begin shipping its highest-capacity 2.5-in. enterprise-class hard drive early next year. The drive comes with native encryption for data security. More...
  3. FTA Hacker

    German officials admit to deploying intercept software

    Officials in a number of German state governments have owned up to using the Quellen-TKÜ Trojan Horse software in criminal investigations to intercept encrypted telecommunications on PCs. At least one state said it has suspended use of the software, after the Chaos Computer Club discovered that...
  4. FTA Hacker

    Android malware downloads instructions from blog

    Researchers from Trend Micro have spotted a piece of malicious software for Android that receives instructions from an encrypted blog, a new method of communication for mobile malware, according to the company. More...
  5. FTA Hacker

    Amazon adds free encryption to storage service

    Using Amazon Web Services' new Server Side Encryption feature, enterprises will at no extra cost be able to encrypt data stored on the company's Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon said on Tuesday. More...
  6. FTA Hacker

    Concern over U.S. snoops drives Canadian political party to cloud-based encryption

    One of Canada's largest political parties is using cloud-based Salesforce.com in the U.S. to store information about voters and interact with them, but worries that U.S. government snoops could peek at sensitive information under U.S. law prompted the Canadian party to use a strong encryption...
  7. FTA Hacker

    EFF inspects encryption tool for Adium, Pidgin IM clients

    The digital watchdog Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) lent a technical hand to fix security problems in a tool used to encrypt instant messenger conversations using the Adium and Pidgin programs. More...
  8. FTA Hacker

    PCI point-to-point encryption guidelines raise new questions

    The PCI Security Standards Council today is expected to issue guidelines on use of point-to-point encryption in protecting sensitive payment card data, but the narrow approach — which is focused on hardware — is raising questions. More...
  9. FTA Hacker

    Microsoft dragging its feet with browser fix, security vendor says

    StrikeForce Technologies, a small vendor of a keystroke encryption technology, is accusing Microsoft of not acting fast enough to fix a browser issue that it says is preventing StrikeForce's technology from working with Internet Explorer 9. More...
  10. FTA Hacker

    Mobile apps and security: What you need to know

    A Melbourne-based app developer has spoken about the security pitfalls of smartphone apps, saying that while certain mobile environments are more susceptible to malware, such risks can be eliminated through encryption and using common sense. More...
  11. FTA Hacker

    Twitter turns on SSL encryption for some users

    Twitter is slowly turning on automatic encryption on its website, a move following other major providers of web-based services to thwart account hijacking over wireless networks. More...
  12. FTA Hacker

    Health Insurer Encrypts All Stored Data

    BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, responding to the theft of 57 hard drives in 2009, has completed a $6 million project to encrypt all of its stored data. More...
  13. FTA Hacker

    AES proved vulnerable by Microsoft researchers

    Researchers from Microsoft and the Dutch Katholieke Universiteit Leuven have discovered a way to break the widely used Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), the encryption algorithm used to secure most all online transactions and wireless communications. More...
  14. FTA Hacker

    Tenn. BlueCross finishes enterprise-wide data encryption

    BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee said today it has completed a year-long effort to encrypt all of its at-rest data, a move it took after 57 of its hard drives were stolen in 2009. More...
  15. FTA Hacker

    Hackers claims Apple online data was compromised

    A list of 27 user names and encrypted passwords apparently for an Apple website was posted to the Internet over the weekend along with a warning from hacker group Anonymous that the Cupertino-based computer maker could be a target of its attacks. More...
  16. J

    Not able to rip BD+ encrypted blu ray movies?

    AnyDvd HD, Nero, and Blurayripper will not let me rip Blu ray movies with BD+ encryption. I have successfully ripped Black Hawk Down with AnyDvdHD, which only uses ACSS. The error I receive is at the bottom of the post.Error I recieve is: Error reading from drive E. (my burner)Other burning...
  17. R

    Why can't I burn Blu Rays?

    I bought a lg blu ray burner for my PC. Atleast im pretty sure it is. The suite software it came with allows me to watch blu rays but i cant figure out how to burn a blu ray. it allows me to burn dvd/cd just fine. also if the dvd storage capacity is 4.7gb how come it wont let me add any video...
  18. Z

    How do I add movies to my harddrive?

    I bought the dark knight and want to save it to my harddrive so I don't have to use the disc, help?
  19. R

    How do I unlock a harddrive that was encrypted in windows 7 and unlock it in windows vista?

    I tried the windows 7 beta release version and i encrypted my harddrive while i was at it. I put a password down and i still remember it but i can't open the harddrive now in windows vista. if you require the password from me, here it is.Password- 3.14159265358979323846264338327950All of my...
  20. Scammer

    Cleric plotted plane attacks, court told

    -- Radical Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki tried to get information from a British Airways worker for use in a plot to blow up planes, preferably in the United States, prosecutors in London said Tuesday at the start of the trial of the BA employee. Rajib Karim, 31, exchanged messages with the...