1. F

    Bell IKS

    Hello does anyone know of a Bell IKS server? I have been unable to find and that currently support it.
  2. adrienshepard

    [FYI] How to buy trading cards on steam

    First open the steam game client and click on community than click on market click on the item you want to buy than find a cheap price and click buy now enjoy
  3. E


    Hi everybody, just joined and sure I'll find intresting things here.
  4. C

    NEEDING cw-lmc-update-

    I keep getting the error message "could not unpack file". I am trying to upgrade from cw-lmc-update- to cw-lmc-update- Could someone please post 16 cw-lmc-update- I have tried googling it and can't seem to find a working copy. I have tried different...
  5. No Warranty

    Canada's web-only TV shows at a turning point

    Canada has become a top producer of online TV shows, including a winner of an International Digital Emmy Award. But such shows are headed for a downturn as the sector struggles to find the audiences and financing it needs to survive, predicts the head of a fund that supports them. More...
  6. No Warranty

    High River flood evacuees come home

    Residents in High River, Alberta returned their homes today for the first time in more than a week to find them in a variety of states. More...
  7. J


    Hello everybody,I more than glad to find this forum.
  8. A

    Hi PBP Members

    Good forum, just got around to looking. Been in FTA for a few years. Sorry I have no questions, it is quicker to find the answers by reading, experimenting, and common sense. I can offer answers to help others in a jam.
  9. P

    mio P550 tomtom conversion?files and how to?

    Just bought a P550 with 2005 maps,mio no longer updates these,heard tomtom works but cant find a recent guide?also if any onw knows the latest windows version that works on this all I can find is w6.5?thanks in advance.
  10. G

    Hello to all

    Wanted to say hello to everyone. Hoping to find a lot of info in this forum!
  11. the doctor

    Trailing rivals question Gingrich, Romney records (AP)

    AP - Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich's trailing rivals derided the leading presidential contenders on Sunday as insufficiently conservative, each trying to find a second wind in the race to become the Republican nominee with time running out before voting begins. More...
  12. FTA Hacker

    There are upsides to reporting cybercrime, authorities say

    Not only might companies have ethical, civic and legal obligations to alert authorities to cyberthreats, businesses may find that the authorities can be helpful, law enforcement agents and prosecutors said on Friday. More...
  13. D


    Hello im from vancouver bc new to this. I got a cnx nano 2 but dont know where to find the firmware. Can u help me please ? Thanks
  14. Zachy

    When is a LAPTOP gonna use AMD phenom II x6?

    release day or if on market were!!!i Know so far its for tower use only because the heat it produces but i saw Intel laptops with x6 processors they are too expensive, i cant find any were any information about laptops using the AMD phenom x6.Please don't post any answer that do not have to do...
  15. kathig


    Just joined :) ... want to thank everyone who has posted all this info...Thank You!!! Easy to find, and very well organized...:D:D
  16. A

    Hi Everyone

    Hi there, I'm new to your site... My hobbies are reading, swimming, listening music and surfing internet. Hope I'll find some good friends here... ________________________________ "It will happen, when you take action." :)
  17. Viper®

    Fleeing Taliban

    A fleeing Taliban, parched and desperate for water, was plodding through the Afghanistan desert when he saw something far off in the distance. Hoping to find water, he hurried toward the object, only to find a Little old Jewish man at a small stand selling ties. The Taliban asked, "Do you have...
  18. N

    Duplicate Photo Finder (21475)

    Find duplicate photos even if some of them are of different resolution or even rotated - Duplicate Photo Finder will find them anyway. For more detail
  19. eloans1

    Pansat 9200 HD.

    I have a friend who's Pansat 9200HD is stuck on b-07, I was trying to find the "9200HD (PVR).zip" file, but can't seem to find it. Could someone help me with this please. Thanks
  20. CASPER

    10-Year Old Amateur Astronomer Becomes Youngest Ever to Discover Rare Supernova

    Kathryn Gray, a 10-year old amateur astronomer from New Brunswick, Canada, has become the youngest person to discover a supernova. She made the discovery over this past weekend, and her find was quickly verified by two other amateur astronomers based in the U.S. before the news started...