1. FTA Hacker

    Ten Security Essentials for the Networked Enterprise

    The ideal information security environment is different depending on who you talk to. Your typical security engineer may say it must have firewalls, intrusion detection or any number of security focused technologies. Meanwhile a security tester may suggest that it is conducting penetration...
  2. FTA Hacker

    Tufin automates policy changes and compliance for next-generation firewalls

    Next-generation firewalls are a big leap forward in terms of knowing who is using what Web-based applications, but tracking the configurations, changes and policies can be a huge task that requires automation tools. Tufin Technologies just announced product enhancements that may make a firewall...
  3. FTA Hacker

    Dome9 launches automated firewall management service

    Startup Dome9 Security is introducing automated management of firewall settings on servers in physical and virtual environments with the aim of keeping servers locked down with less manual configuration. More...
  4. FTA Hacker

    Security rundown for week ending Aug. 19

    Some older assumptions about security -- such as firewalls are needed for perimeter defense, and we'll all make do with reusable passwords and browser-based SSL connections provide great security -- were once again ripped apart as we heard this week from several individuals who say they simply...
  5. FTA Hacker

    The changing face of identity and location security

    For two decades, the dominant security model has been location-centric. We instinctively trust insiders and distrust outsiders, so we build security to reflect that: a hard perimeter surrounding a soft inside. The model works best when there's only one connection to the outside, offering a...
  6. FTA Hacker

    Check Point has sights set on 1Tbps firewall

    Check Point Software has new, heavy-duty security gateway hardware for data centers and service providers, including one chassis that will grow to support a 1Tbps firewall. More...
  7. No Warranty

    Report: Martial law in parts of China

    (CNN) -- In an apparent response to days of protests, Chinese authorities have declared martial law in parts of the northeast's inner Mongolia autonomous region, according to Amnesty International. The region has long been the scene of ethnic tension between Mongolians, who have lived in...
  8. No Warranty

    The latest entrant in the show thrower club

    Beijing (CNN) -- A Chinese student has sparked an Internet frenzy with claims that he tossed an egg and shoes at the creator of a firewall that blocks access to social media in the nation. The student, who did not want to be named for safety reasons, said he targeted Fang Binxing on Thursday...
  9. W

    stil getting off service

    loaded 913 fl 105 fl just getting off service also needed to get a new router is this the prob pls help
  10. Y

    Itunes downloading file problem?

    I keep getting the error that says the file is corrupted and I should try again.I have tried again but no luck.It can't be my firewall settings or anything because just before I downloaded two songs with no problems. I read that you have to delete the corrupted file to try again but I can't see...
  11. Rainyday

    Connecting XBox 360 to a Windows 7 desk top through a router bridge?

    You guys helped me set up two wireless routers to get full WIFI access everywhere in my house; I hope you can help on this issue!I just installed a Gateway desktop running windows 7 to my network. It’s wired to my wireless router which in turn is wired to a second router in the basement, the 2nd...
  12. S

    How come I get an error message with Internet Explorer 8 and Adobe Reader 9?

    When I close an Internet Explorer 8 window, an error message pops up that says "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience"However, when I removed my Adobe Reader 9, that message does not pop up anymore when I close a internet explorer...
  13. M

    How do i get the ipod touch remote app to work?

    I've tried everything and nothing works!!!! I installed the app on my ipod and when i get to itunes its not listed under my ipod. I've changed my firewall to off and i've changed the preferences to look for devices. My ipod software version is 3.1.3 and im using a toshiba laptop- (if that...
  14. WizBang

    A C/P update from wf

    I don't know how sincere this is but I came across it on my rounds. c/p February 28, 2011 By Viewsat Shop Webmaster It has come to our attention that the Weather Forecaster may not be functioning properly. We are working to assess the problem and will update this page with more information...
  15. K


    what do you think is the best brand for a wirless router . i have two computers but in differnent rooms . so i need something so i can have interent in both rooms . thanks =]
  16. Viper®

    Seting up your XP PC to work with IKS on dial up

    If you live in the boonies and don't have access to high speed, this is the simple way to set up XP with your dial-up modem to make use of your IKS box. First go into Internet Explorer, tools, internet options, connections and make sure “never dial a connection’ is checked and click apply, then...
  17. Scammer


    NEW CONFIGURATION FILE Maxfly5000 Before configuring the Maxfly5000 update our MF5000 with this file. THEN MAKE NEW SEARCH ... ================================================== =================== <How to setup the maxfly (mf5000 +)> 1. disable the firewall on the Following 4 ports...
  18. Scammer

    Facebook world: What's missing here?

    A map showing global connections with Facebook friends draws an accurate rendering of the world – with one glaring exception. Hong Kong, China – There is something plainly fascinating about Paul Butler's map of the world. The Facebook intern used data from the social networking site to create...
  19. Scammer

    [Warning!] How to Get Running Again info and photos

    "c and p I will try the best I can to help you out here. The first place I went to in my router is under the Status>LAN of my router administration page. On this page, I can see the Static clients one of which is my WF : Active Clients Host Name IP Address MAC Address Conn. Count Ratio...
  20. Scammer

    [Attention] ALL WF units that are Down Try This.

    i found this copy and paste on another site and it has helped some people get back on line. c and p I will try the best I can to help you out here. The first place I went to in my router is under the Status>LAN of my router administration page. On this page, I can see the Static clients one...