1. peterc

    [Confused!] az premium plus hd noy working

    Hi guys hope someone can help me here i bought an AZ premim plus hd box i then upgraded FW, i thought then i would upgrade with enigma 2, i DL the files etc unpacked the Patch bin file and put it on a formatted usb stick, switched the sat box off inserted the usb and powered back on all ok ...
  2. peterc

    [Confused!] azpremium plus

    Hi guys i have an azpremium plus HD box, i have DL enigma 2 copied patch.bin to a formatted to fat 32 usb mem stik switched az box off from back ,inserted usb stick and switched it all on it comes up update from usb , ok then comes up please insert usb storage yhen sits there any idea wot is...
  3. E

    [Problem!] TV says invalid format- DM 500s

    Ran the Dreambox erase image file...Then dreamup...image fleashed according to Drup, but when I connect to the TV all I get is invalid format on my black screen????What should I do??:black_eyed::black_eyed:

    CW4K to Mediaportal Sat xml files for regular LNBs

    CW4K to Mediaportal Sat xml files for regular LNBs Please Note. For MediaPortal use. These will not work with DishPro Pluss LNBs. These will work with the standard dual or single LNBs you use for the north american satellites. Try them is all you can do. I have...
  5. the doctor

    Stick with on board audio or buy a PCIe audio card for superior sound performance?

    I just built my 1st Computer system and I am contemplating whether or not it may be beneficial to buy a quality sound card. Even though I'd not really consider my self a complete audiophile, I do take audio rather seriously. Half of my audio files happen to be FLAC encoded format (all others is...
  6. kathig

    [Attention] ulta file will not extract/open....

    tried everything but zip says.."unknown format or damaged"..tried rar, same thing..HELP!! :confused::confused:
  7. No Warranty

    census lost to Hackers: Has UK gov lost the census to Lulzsec?

    The UK's Office for National Statistics and Lockheed Martin are racing to check if hacker group LulzSec has got its hands on this year's census data. Such a massive data loss would be embarrassing even for a government with such an amazing record of data protection failures. LulzSec's Twitter...

    Stanley Cup: Quality chances already in Game 7

    The first three games in Vancouver were low-scoring, but there already have been some quality chances in Game 7. The Bruins had a loose puck in the paint when Rich Peverley passed it across, but David Krejci couldn't find his way through traffic to knock it in. At the other end, Henrik Sedin...
  9. B

    DVBCa.dat generator AZ HD

    DVBCa.dat generator AZ HD DVBCa.dat generator GenerateDVBCa can be used to create a DVBCa.dat file, as used by the Azbox Premium HD+. DVBCa.txt Example frequency source file GenerateDvbca.dpr Turbo Delphi soure code GenerateDvbca.exe Executable README.TXT This file Usage: Create...
  10. E

    Wade, Bosh lift Heat to 2-1 lead in NBA finals

    DALLAS – Dwyane Wade kept soaring and scoring, doing everything he could to get the Miami Heat a crucial win towards an NBA title. Chris Bosh and Udonis Haslem provided the final push. Bosh made a 16-foot, go-ahead jumper from the baseline with 39.6 seconds left and Haslem pestered Dirk...
  11. CASPER

    [New Fix] Sv8000 UD Error fix

    Sv8000 UD Error fix Some people have asked for this so here is a possible fix for UD Error on SV8000 1. Copy HD8000_V0211.rom and HD8000_BOOT_v0200.ldr onto the USB memory stick (make sure to format the USB memory stick prior doing update) 2. Turn SV-HD8000 OFF completely...
  12. CASPER


    MESSAGE "Unknown Error" WHEN RECORDING 1. Some Hard Drives or USBs has security software installed. 2. To bypass the security, you neet to format the Hard Drive or USB 3. To do that, just press “Menu” on the remote control 4. Select “Installations” and go to “Utility”, select...
  13. CASPER

    Video club

    Video club 1. Make sure you are using Hard Drive or USB that had been formatted with your computer to FAT32 system file 2. Connect Hard Drive or USB to STB’s USB port 3. Press “Menu” on the remote control 4. Select “Installations” and go to “Utility”, select “USB” 5. Press...
  14. CASPER

    Record your favorite show

    Record your favorite show by following the below steps 1. Press “Menu” on your remote control 2. Go to “Utility” and select “Time Record” 3. Go to “Enable” and select “Yes” 4. Go to “Channel” and enter the channel you want to record 5. Enter the right “Month and Date” 6...
  15. CASPER

    [New file] dvr to ts file converter

    dvr to ts file converter good program to convert your Openbox dvr files to ts format
  16. 9

    what program do i ned to down load the files????

    got my nano premium in today and im using winzip and it wony open the files?? any suggestion thanx???
  17. R

    How to classify video media files in Zune 4.0 under headings like Movie, Music video and others?

    I have various media files all in MP4 or WMV format. They are all showing under the heading 'Others' in Zune 4.0. I want the music video to be shown under Video>Music heading and movies to be shown under Video>Movies heading. I have no problem in playing these videos on my Zune HD. Just need...
  18. B

    How do i connect my xbox360 to my lcd monitor?

    I can connect my xbox360 to my lcd monitor 1080p screen and the picture will show but the sound is nonexistent and the picture shown is not presented in a HD format. My monitor does not have a audio port built in and only has a dvi-d and a vga port(s). Will it be possible to connect my xbox to...
  19. Y

    What kind of adapter do I need to buy to hook up my video game consoles to my lcd monitor?

    I have acer 24" lcd monitor. No speaker port only a hdmi port. I want to connect my xbox(original), wii, ps2, gamecube, etc. to it. What type adapter do I need to purchase in order play all my consoles using the monitor.
  20. A

    Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD the other factor?

    I have been reading about this whole deal with universal getting paid to go with HD-DVD. The Micheal Bay says its really Microsoft that is trying to confusing things (and doesn't want anybody to win). Which isn't true, Microsoft needs a High Def Format for its next Video Gaming Console. There...