1. D

    Searching for a decent website to download FREE computer benchmarking software programs??

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to some totally free Computer benchmarking program(s)? I want the program to be able to test/view my computers speeds, temperatures, etc.
  2. Scammer

    AZ box HD elite/premium/plus setup for MultiCAS

    AZ box HD elite/premium/plus setup C/P from gopalmm2 1) Here is how to install MultiCAS from a file you get on a forum like this one: Start your FileZilla Client [for instance, freeware!] -> get into AZbox HD -> Plugins -> OpenXCAS -> MultiCAS -> delete all "example" files, openxcas.conf and...
  3. J

    [Opinion] Management of long path files

    I want to share with all those who are victim of such long path files Long path files are those files which have a path having charcters more than the limit allowed by windows,ie approx 200 Whenever we want to change,delete,move,cut,omit,share or install such file windows give error like file is...
  4. K

    What is an ATI radeon HD 3100 Graphics Card?

    I recently bought a desktop and it has an ATI radeon HD 3100 graphics card in it. I've never heard of this before. Is it similar to the HD 3200?Also how well will this card play Crysis or Call of Duty 4?
  5. Alexander77

    How to Backup My drivers in windows xp before i format and reinstall the OS ?

    hi alli want to know where the information about drivers are saved in windows xp pro 32bit version, so i can copy them to cd or disk on key and reuse them after formatting and reinstalling windows xp .thanks all

    Nfusion Editing tools for recorded files to pc

    Nfusion Editing tools for recorded files to pc Nfusion team is releasing tools for use on your pc for editing the recorded video files on your HD pvr these files allow you to format and use on your pc. 1). TSSpliter (this can split and join) for our use we will use in 'join' mode open the...

    My Aio Updated 7-28-08.rar

    My Aio Updated 7-28-08 From elsewhere around the net.. Quote: Dn-102-public Numbers Norsa - No Roll When Keys Change Use A Keygrabber To Apply New Keys. Pass -local Patches-instructions Are In The -readme This Is Freeware And May Be Uploaded To Any Site, You Have My Blessing. Enjoy... Dvd...

    ECM warning

    ECM warning-June 26th well it been a few weeks since charley did anything....he was planning a way to kill all rom 102 freeware blockers and some private blockers.. well a few months ago he taged the otp sections.. now we know why he was planning a major card kill kinda like dtv did like black...
  9. Rumas

    How to Delete Protected files

    Sometimes trying to delete virus or spyware files, you will get this error: "Cannot delete FILE: Access is denied. Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use." Here is how to overcome the file protection. I hate this error...Access Denied...
  10. Rumas

    Speed Windows bootup time

    You can also try some things: Clean all the crap using CCleaner (CrapCleaner). It can be found here(usually Tosko is the first to notice!), or at it's home page, or at It should be found in the "freeware section". Try it first to get the hang of it , and use it at startup later...
  11. Rumas

    Lots Of Windows Xp Tips, Take A Look !

    Lock XP Workstation (#1) You can lock your XP workstation with two clicks of the mouse. Create a new shortcut on your desktop using a right mouse click, and enter 'rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation' in the location field. Give the shortcut a name you like. That's it -- just double click...