1. A

    [ALERT!] dish info

    I have not use my vs2000 for over five years due to relocating I am in new York and want to know what type of dish and sat finder do I buy to be able to see some good shows cable is as expensive here in the city ..HELP
  2. adrienshepard

    Minecraft Staff application -ElectricGemz

    hello owner and other people who are looking at my app i'm here to apply for a rank :) name:electrogemz Real Name: alex hemel age: 13 i wanna be an admin :D good at: building and decoration reason to be a part of staff: this is a good server so i decided to be a staff on your server...
  3. adrienshepard

    Minecraft Staff Application -unicorngirl

    Ign:unicorngirl0064 Age:13 I want to be admin I'm good at building/redstone/comands
  4. G

    [ALERT!] Staff APplication :D

    I want to apply for co-owner. My Age : 11 What am i good in : A bit in building, good in plugins, adding permisssions and stuff Why i want to be a co-owner : To help improve the server and i will ban / mute people if i have to. I will support for that server :D ign: amiraznan
  5. D

    [Must Read!] Minecraft Staff App -dragon

    What is your name and IGN? Jake IGN:Dragonlover2907 How old are you? 14 How long have you've been playing in LittleBigCraft? i played for about 2 weeks or so What is your timezone, and what time are you usually available? (If you don't know your timezone, Tell us your country instead.) Eastern...
  6. T

    Hi Guys

    My name is Tom and I am new to Azbox and keen to learn, was given an Elite HD with no remote so thats the starting point, hope to speak to some of you in the near future as living on a Greek island makes me want to have good TV!!! Cheers,
  7. I

    Apply for Owner

    Hey, i want to join in your staff because i am good builder i know for plugins i have 1 server i am in 3 server staff and i am good with building:D i play mc 12 hours per day
  8. adrienshepard

    2 Cool voice changers for online gaming

    These are the 2 best voice changers for online gaming. This one's called av voice changer. You do not require a good mic for this one. This one's called morph vox pro. I used to use it. It will only work right if you have a good mic...
  9. S

    Staff try out

    Dear Owner, My name is Chris and I have many experience with staff, since I have been staff in many server. I would like to join to help you build up this almost new server and bring more people to enjoy it with us. I can also tell when someone is hacking. I know all their tricks and I...
  10. L

    Applying for Admin

    Hello i will like to be a admin cause i've never been one before so i hope i can be a admin im good at pvp hunger games survival modes and more...... Shots
  11. R

    [Info!] Co-Owner/Owner back. ~RaptorPlayer

    IGN: RaptorPlayer Location:United states, Michigan How long have you played Server:3 Months Why You Want To Be Part Of The Staff Community:I love the minecraft community, even though it is harsh at times and I am harsh at it sometimes, but I still enjoy helping it. I like building creations...
  12. K

    My application by Kenan04

    Hey, today I will show you my application by me. Okay today i'm going to tell you my staff my experience and my information!! :D Okay, Information: Hey, my name is Adem Adem Hogic I know a bit weird name but I'm not from England or America I'm from Sweden. So don't blame me that I'm not online...
  13. T

    [Must Read!] My Staff Application - TheFireElement

    IGN: TheFireElement Age: 15 Skype: markus.gerardo Name: Markus Staff in: 4 servers Applying for: Whatever staff position you guys need :) Why do you think you should join the staff: I think i should join the staff cause im very experienced with it, i am very nice to players, i follow the...
  14. amandabyrde

    How do you keep your computer in tip top shape?

    I just bought a computer, I have killed all my old computers in different way, mostly they just stopped start up windows or they would running really slow. I would like to keep this one in good shape? What are tips to do that? Thank you :) I will be waiting for you replies!
  15. No Warranty

    Stanley Cup rioter remorseful over Good Samaritan attack, judge says

    A Stanley Cup rioter, who was sentenced to eight months in jail for beating up a Good Samaritan, has shown remorse, a B.C. provincial court judge said today. More...
  16. adrienshepard

    flatout 2 pro raceing

    after these youtube videos are done il reveal my secret to being a good racer enjoy the video
  17. adrienshepard

    [FYI] 2 best programs for recording minecraft

    1. fraps lags the least for recording minecraft and is more hd in half size mode and its better for editing in sony vegas 2. bandicam is good for recording minecraft and your whole desktop at the same time
  18. C

    What's The Ultimate Stalker Song?

    What do you think the ultimate stalker song is? My pick is Blondie's One Way or Another. What's yours? Let's try to get a good list going; I'm sure there's bound to be lots. :)
  19. No Warranty

    Via terror plot suspect a 'very good boy,' mom says

    The mother of one of the two suspects accused of trying to carry out an al-Qaeda-supported plot to derail a Via Rail passenger train for almost a year doesn't believe the charges against her son, saying he is a "very good boy" and a genius who loves to study. More...
  20. M


    Hi all good to be here