1. B

    Resurrected my old account here

    this site seems to of rebranded is self a bit, so is there any free tv options anymore thats worth messing with thats doesn't use internet?
  2. No Warranty

    Stock fraud scams tough to combat in internet age

    A penny stock fraud scheme that allegedly conned investors in 35 countries out of more than $140 million is raising questions about how authorities can combat such financial scams in the internet age. More...
  3. gherna1

    I bought a wireless router can I use it with dial up internet?

    Can I use a router with dial up internet? or do I need DSL ?
  4. M

    XX-CLIENT v1.14 For Windows with CNX & Viewsat. Use IKS without dongle/hub only serial cable

    Credits goto goofather im just spreading the good news. I've tested with my old cnx nano that was in the closet for years. Using linux can be a pain for some so here's a windows app that works great !! XX-CLIENT v1.14 For Windows with CNX & Viewsat Supoort DESCRIPTION XX-CLIENT is...
  5. S

    4DTV C-Band

    In case anyone has a 4dtv receiver that they haven't sold yet there is a guy in Chicago under the name C-band Forever/ Glentech who is advertising that he replaces batteries and remaps these receivers. He has burned countless people and it has been documented on many FTA sites on the net. If you...
  6. B

    hi, camd on traxis dbs 6000hd

    hi, everyone im lilmale1 been here before but could not remember my email for my login anyways you guys still here im not surprise this is one of the website i've really liked every since i've been using pci cards im working on getting my traxis dbs 3500 with the latest ssu software...