1. Anonymouse

    How to purchase a Microsoft windows 7 product key only?

    I want to buy the Windows product keys only. I do not need the install disk, as I have one already? How can I get just the cd key from MS?
  2. adrienshepard

    command & conquer renegade cheats

    Start the game, and you'll be able to bring up the console with ~ key. Type the following cheat codes /commands in the console during the game allguns - All guns extras fnkqrrm - Enable extras cheat admin_message (message) - Send admin message to all clients (host only) message (message) -...
  3. adrienshepard

    [Info!] halo how to enable the console

    First thing you need to do is be able to access the console. To do this you first need to make a shortcut on your desktop to launch halo. Second you need to right click on it and bring up the properties. You will need to add, (-console) at the end of your target line, do not type the ( ) So it...
  4. adrienshepard

    unreal 2 cheats

    Press ~ during game play to display the console window. Enter BeMyMonkey() to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following cheat codes at the console window to activate the corresponding cheat function. Enter BeMyMonkey() again to disable cheats Ammunition for all weapons - AllAmmo()...
  5. adrienshepard

    [Awesome!] star wars jedi academy cheats

    god - God mode noclip - No clipping mode notarget - Enemies ignore you kill - Kill yourself give all - All weapons and health/armor at max give health - Health at 100% give armor - Armor at 100% give ammo - Ammo at 100% npc kill all - Kill...
  6. adrienshepard

    age of empires 3 cheats

    Hit the ENTER key and key in the code Cheat Effect X marks the spot------------------------------------------Reveals map (fog of war still there) Medium Rare Please----------------------------------------Gives 10,000 food Give...
  7. No Warranty

    [Tip:] Desktop automation with hotkeys program for Windows- AutoHotkey

    Here is a great little program that can automate almost any task in windows. Download it here: AutoHotkey
  8. No Warranty

    [Tip:] How to set windows 7 to automatic refresh explorer windows

    Ever have that problem in Windows 7 where you delete or move files and the explorer windows doesn't update the changes in the explorer window? Well here is a way to have explorer automatically refresh. As with any registry edit I recommend you make a system restore point or back up the registry...
  9. No Warranty

    [Tip:] How to quickly get to your application data folder

    Click the start orb and in the search box copy and paste this: %appdata% You can also do this from the run box by clicking the start orb then run or the Windows key +r. This will bring you right to your "C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming" folder, quick and easy.
  10. No Warranty

    [Tip:] How to automaticily login or skip the login screen at starts up on Windows 7

    This is something that has always bothered me when I start up my computer, if i have no password set why do i get asked to enter one on start up? Well thankfully there is a way around this! Here is how to have Windows 7 automatically login and continue to load windows. 1. click the start orb...
  11. A

    azbox s810bbb vs azbox s810b

    Is the azbox s810bbb the same as azbox s810b? I do not want to load the wrong file. I am new to Azbox and bought it already programmed. My concern is; if this box goes 'down' would i need to flash it with the new file only or would I need to key in new keys? The question I'm really asking is...
  12. No Warranty

    [Tip:] How to quickly hide programs on your screen when somebody enters the room

    I was looking for a way to quickly hide the programs I was running on my screen when somebody enters my computer room. Sometimes I'm working on documents that I do not want prying eyes to read. The quickest way I come up with to hide the screen was this: To use the windows Lock function? just...
  13. No Warranty

    [Solved] Windows 7 Screen saver not working

    The problem: I was having trouble with my screensaver coming on, I have it set for 10 min. and it wasn't coming on. I played around with the screensaver settings and play around with the power saving settings none of it seemed to help. The solution: The thing that actually solve the problem...
  14. No Warranty

    [Tip:] Sony Vegas Keyboard Shortcuts Chart

    Project file shortcuts Magnification and view shortcuts Command Keyboard Shortcut Create new project Ctrl+N Create new project and bypass Project Properties dialog Ctrl+Shift+N Open existing project or media file Ctrl+O Save project Ctrl+S Open project’s properties...
  15. askendria

    IKS Private Servers Comparison Chart

    Here is Some IKS Private Servers Comparison Chart Please note : This chart may not be up date but will give you some ideas about the service of some private servers, which satellites they...
  16. FTA Hacker

    Crews fight Fla., Minn., N.J. wildfires

    Firefighters in various parts of the United States said they were battling wildfires Tuesday. Smoke from Florida wildfires blanketed part of the state's northeast, with no rain predicted to help dry conditions, officials said. Firefighters were trying to contain six of 20 wildfires in...
  17. FTA Hacker

    Obama, Cameron to discuss Afghan pullout

    U.S. President Barack Obama said he and British Prime Minister David Cameron would discuss their nations' pace of withdrawal from Afghanistan Wednesday. The two leaders "have a strategy that will allow us to responsibly wind down this war," Obama told reporters before leaving for Dayton, Ohio...
  18. the doctor

    Keystone pipeline faces vote in Senate

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Senate could vote as early as Thursday on a plan to fast-track the Keystone XL crude oil pipeline, a bid that is unlikely to attract enough Democratic support to pass but will give its Republican supporters an opening to criticize President Barack Obama's energy...
  19. J

    just puchace

    I just purchase a new LIMESAT HD receiver i need info on geting too private key sever. can anyone help me with this. P.S im sick of cabe TV
  20. No Warranty

    Truth and Reconciliation Commission says healing requires education

    The chairman of a commission established to help Canada's First Nations heal from residential school abuses says education is the key to understanding the impact of the experience. More...