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    Staff Apply -Nomerci

    Hi I am Nomerci I am 14 years old very fun to have with mature I Will ban or kick people that hack or Insult I Would be likely to get a Admin because i know how to use my Powers Wisely i can Joke and laugh but in the same time am serious if someone asks me to op him ill kick him and say dont...
  2. Batman

    Buttman is about to kick the bucket....

    Wish buttman to get well.....I've heard he's very sick:sad3:

    Tom Dempsey recalls 63-yard kick 40 years later

    METAIRIE, La. – Tom Dempsey resigned himself long ago to the idea that he would one day see his NFL record-long field goal surpassed. Four decades since his 63-yard boot lifted the New Orleans Saints to a 19-17 victory over the Detroit Lions in old Tulane Stadium, Dempsey and his famously...

    [Idea!] Kick back and relax Wizzard help here

    Just kick back and relax Wizzard and let her take care of you,, she all your tonite, you will forget all about that pain your in, because when she sit on you will be numb from the nick down,, enjoy my friend!! B hunter :dirol: "WIZZARD GOT BACK"
  5. A

    The best kick

    The best pool shot ever!! The best pool shot ever! 7GA3ySz4el4