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  • go to top right of screen to settings then half way down left side of page go to Genreral settings....Login & Privacy wala Invisible Mode on ....
    WOW!! sorry to hear about your dad, I hope the best you n your I did talk to your friend wiz without of blowing things wayout, I'm glad you guy put aside that blowout, you are both friends and going thru, some bad times,, wiz n bat:smlove2::snog:
    thanks for you guys trusting me,, :grouphug::grouphug: :woot_jump:
    hey pal, thanks for father passed away...soi was busy with the stuff!
    i like to check in now and then batman I miss my friend hope all is well
    hey bat here my Email,,

    gave me shout

    I know what u mean buddy......these people take things so something up their buttz.....why can't have a little fun?? life is too short right?
    I'm cool my friend but I have to say USA got one in for the record LOL!!!

    you know this is pissing off our friends here and I got to rub it in no just a little LOL! one talking to me now LOL!! but its all in good fun..
    hey batman where have you been i was thinking about you and wanted to shout out to your well missed..
    its be longly around here with out you take is easy my friend..

    here is a program you can download it works great for movies they download automatic works better in the afternoon when there is not a log of members downloading.

    RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting
    lol thanks funny dwi those pic are about 9 month old i put him in the betty ford center off the bottle now, anyway i wanted to share with you guys thanks my wife gave me another son and at my age i show the baby pic of my oldies boy who pass away a few years back at the age 21 from house fire his name is nigel, the baby call him io well enuff thanks for the kind words.. rick
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