1. adrienshepard

    how to cleanup your skype contact list

    1. Open Skype 2. go through your Skype contacts and look and see if you have them added some place else like Facebook or steam or any other social network 3. once you've decided right click on them and hit remove contact to make this quicker hold shift and click on all the people you want to...
  2. adrienshepard

    [ALERT!] New server ips for the minecraft server

    There will now be 2 different ip's for the minecraft server add both of these to your list sometimes the server will be on the one ip some times it will be on the other lP1: IP2: Add them both to your server list
  3. adrienshepard

    minecraft cool new server

    this is a minecraft server that has more and more players everyday you can join at add that ip to your server list to join
  4. geek-in-training

    How do I find the IP address of my router?

    I need to access my router, but I do not know what the IP address is? Is the a windows 7 command to program to list all the IP address on my network? I know it has to be simple? Thank for your help!
  5. C

    What's The Ultimate Stalker Song?

    What do you think the ultimate stalker song is? My pick is Blondie's One Way or Another. What's yours? Let's try to get a good list going; I'm sure there's bound to be lots. :)
  6. No Warranty

    Flooding spreads in Saskatchewan

    Two First Nations and a rural municipality have been added to the list of Saskatchewan communities under flood emergencies. More...
  7. P

    Channel list update

    can i get a channel list update, not getting these two channel hrtv and tvg
  8. No Warranty

    Dreambox HD channel list 129 110 118 118 61.5

    This a channel list for Dreambox. If you have a Dreambox with the Skywalker 1 that has been modified to your Dreambox, than this if for you! This will make it so you can watch HD channels on your Dreambox. I didn't think it was true but it is. and here is the list 118.7 Anik F3, Echostar 14...
  9. No Warranty

    Channel List for Coolsat with CAID 1816, for 118,119,110,61.5,blue bottom not required

    Here is the channel list made for coolsats with proper mapping of CAID 1816, so this procedure for the "blue button" is not required in order for channel to lite up. I have checked that on coolsat 4k, 5k, 6k, do not have any other coolsat receivers. Receiver is not going to bomb out and loose...
  10. FTA Hacker

    Apple patches OS X for DigiNotar threat

    Apple is rolling out an OS X patch to deal with the DigiNotar threat. DigiNotar will be removed from the list of trusted root certificates. More...
  11. CASPER

    Channel List 110/118/119/129

    Channel List 110/118/119/129
  12. FTA Hacker

    And America's best beach is ...

    (CNN) -- Heading to the coast this weekend? Take note of the nation's best sandy stretch: Sarasota, Florida's Siesta Beach tops the 2011 list of the top 10 beaches in the country. The annual list, in its 21st year, is produced by Stephen P. Leatherman, director of Florida International...
  13. CASPER

    [New file] Sat list for North America for Azbox Premium Plus

    North America sat list. Sat list for North America for Azbox Premium Plus
  14. CASPER

    NANOSAT PREMIUM scanned 110/119 channel list

    NANOSAT PREMIUM scanned 110/119 channel list you will likely have to change your sat settings to your own
  15. CASPER

    Nano Premium Prescanned channel list 110/118/119

    Nano Premium Prescanned channel list 110/118/119 This file includes the proper sat template and channels already scanned in.
  16. A

    Where can I find a list if drivers in windows 7?

    I have aN asus G72Gx and I want to find a list of drivers. I'm using windows 7 64 bit.Where can I find a list of drivers? And can I remove them from said list?
  17. CASPER

    New TP list for 119

    You would need to scroll to the bottom after page opens up....
  18. Scammer

    Ugandan gay rights activist found dead

    -- A Ugandan gay rights activist whose name was published on a list of the nation's "top homosexuals" was bludgeoned to death in his home near the capital, his lawyer said Thursday. A neighbor found David Kato dead and notified authorities, according to his lawyer. Kato's money and some...
  19. Scammer

    List names stimulus plan flops DURHAM, N.H. -- A University of New Hampshire project studying greenhouse gas emissions from dairy farms has made a list of the top 100 most wasteful projects paid for by the stimulus package. The $700,000 study is No. 58 on the list released by Sen...
  20. Scammer

    Hit list of UK lawmakers removed from site

    London, England - A hit list of British lawmakers who voted for the Iraq war with instructions for meeting them in person was taken down from a website Friday after the British Home Office expressed concern, the office said. The list, posted Thursday on the U.S.-hosted blog...