1. J

    Best keyboard for mainly FPS GAMING?

    Let me start off with the basics I look in a keyboard. 1. Great build and not too cheaply made2. Great tactile reponse + antighosting/ multiple button pressing3. QUICK response when a key is pressed4. LED lighting is not necessary but would be a PLUS++++Games? I MAINLY PLAY FPS GAMES (mostly...
  2. Aqua Man

    Gaming Keyboard / Mouse?

    Alright, I really need a good gaming keyboard / mouse. I've got a logitech wireless set and they're just not doing it for me... Wireless is a lot less responsive, and the keyboard's not sensitive enough. The only thing I like is that the logitech mouse has two side buttons that are easy to roll...
  3. JohnnyMAC

    Logitech G11 gaming keyboard?

    I want to buy the logitech g11 keyboard, but my dad says i will have a problem with the software, he says that the keyboard will not be functional until windows has fully loaded up and the keyboard software has loaded.does this mean that if windows wants me to press a certain key on the keyboard...
  4. Sam I Am

    the alienware TactX KeyBoard OR the logitech G15 Gaming KeyBoard ... ?

    So hey guys!! i think the title says it all .... i wanna know which 1 is better for gaming the alienware tactX keyboard or the logotech G15 gaming keyboard ... ?? please answer fast cuz i have to dicide in less than a week ...so thanks guys!!
  5. A

    which gaming keyboard?

    ive been wanting to buy a gaming keyboard for a while now, and i was wondering which ones are the best. im looking for something under $150 but preferably under $100 and ive had my eye on the logitech g19 and the saitek cyborg keyboards which one would you recommend?
  6. F

    Best Gaming Keyboard? Should I Wait?

    I was looking at the the g15 logitech keyboard and i was wondering if i should get it or wait! Or get another keyboard. Can anyone recommend a good gaming computer? or can someone tell me if i should wait till the next logitech g keyboard? Can sometell me what the next logitech gaming keyboard...
  7. Cool Guy

    Razer Gaming Mice and Keyboard?

    I play FPS' such as Battlefield 2 and other games. I have a regular keyboard with nothing special, an optical mouse(right and left click+wheel), and a thermaltake mousepad. I usually have no problem with normal equipment, but the Razer company obviously assures I dont. Will this actually improve...
  8. C

    I own a Logitech G11 gaming keyboard, and i was wondering how the MR button works????? please help?

    i know how to put in shortcuts and stuff but there is the button MR and i dono what or how it works, could you help me with that. Or how it works within a game
  9. F

    A question about a gaming mouse and keyboard?

    Is it worth paying $85 for a Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard and $65 for a Logitech G500 gaming mouse?
  10. B

    How do I choose a good gaming mouse?

    I have StarCraft II on my 2GB RAM MacBook, and I'm sick of using the mousepad. I want to get a wireless gaming mouse that can keep up with the game, work on multiple surfaces, and take a little grease without completely jamming up (That last part is especially important).
  11. P

    What gaming mouse should i buy?

    Im trying to buy a gaming mouse, but i dont know which one to buy. Im new to the whole gaming mouse thing. Im a FPS player, but up till now i have been just using a regular cord mouse. I have been told and read that the G5 mouse is good and the Razor Copperhead. they both look cool. Please...
  12. P

    where can i advertise than im selling a logitech g500 gaming mouse?

    i have a logitech g500 gaming mouse for sale on amazon.co.uk (currently £36.50 + £4.50 shipping) but it isnt selling as of yet? i had another mouse once before that sold within a day but its been 3 days now.... is there a forum i can go to advertise it?thanks!
  13. V

    Please help! Surround sound not working!

    I am very new at this so please bare with me... I have a SA-HT900 Panasonic Home Theater system. It is about 4 years old I think. I never used it much but if I did, it worked fine, anyways it's just been sitting in my old bedroom. I figured I would put it to use and I hooked it up today. Out of...
  14. L

    What is more important to gaming? Mouse or Keyboard?

    I have an old white A-Open keyboard from years ago as my gaming keyboard because my new one broke, and I only have $50 to spare at the moment. I also have a bad Microsoft mouse with no macro's or anything. It does have a scroll wheel/button but that is all.Would it be best to upgrade the mouse...
  15. N

    Can you recommend a gaming mouse for me?

    I like to play games like Battlefield, CoD, and RPGs on my MacBook. As of now i have an 8 year old logitech mouse im using and the laser is starting to wear out. I only would use this mouse for gaming, and im aiming for a price of under $25. Thanks.Ok, so price can be uped to like $45 if needed.
  16. J

    How can I install the drivers for the Logitech QuickCam Connect on Linux?

    I have Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop Edition, with WINE, 2 GB's of RAM, nVidia GeForce 8800 GT, and the Logitech QuickCam Connect. How can I get the WebCam, or just the microphone in it, to work? I am new to Ubuntu, so please give as much detail as possible!
  17. H

    is there any Nvidia proprietary drivers that needs to be paid first then download?

    I want to exploit my Nvidia graphic card to it's fullest capabilities so, is there any advance/special Nvidia proprietary drivers that needs to be paid first then download? or is it all free?
  18. T

    Trying to set up an audio system

    I think this is the the right section.... Anyway, I'm 18 and just moved out of my parent's house. I play piano, but as you can imagine I don't have the room for a piano in my new apartment. I decided to purchase a workstation, and went with the lovely Roland Juno-G. Despite my musical...
  19. D

    [Noobie Question?] Looking Help

    Hi , I'm new here and my cnx remote quit working. (6 Month old). I'm trying to set up my logitech remote for the reciever and it wants a model number. I can't find any number on the unit, the original box or the remote control.Any help would be great...
  20. B

    Craig surround sound

    Just had a new surround system .Followed all the set up instructions but can only get 3 speakers to work everything routes through the subwoofer and it is barely audible any suggests would be appreciated