Rihanna show is flashy, yet not overproduced

    Barbados-born beauty Rihanna isn't easy to forget. Without overly choreographed dance moves, her smoldering stare, powerful voice and swaggering strut are enough to captivate a packed house for nearly two hours. After Cee Lo Green suddenly backed out of the "Loud" tour due to a packed schedule...
  2. FTA Hacker

    Skeptical student IDs fake Lady Gaga, on Skype to discuss bullying

    (CNN) -- A New Jersey school employee is under fire for enlisting an impersonator to fill in for Lady Gaga, who was slated to talk to elementary school students about the dangers of bullying, school officials said. Tenafly Public Schools administrators were alerted of the gaffe by one...
  3. FTA Hacker

    Farmer Covers Pigs In Oil To Protect Them From Mice

    <div>When farmer John Gregory entered his piggery he couldn’t believe what he saw – mice attacking his pigs. Since he first saw them dining out on his prized stock in Wynarka, 130km east of Adelaide, the 50-year-old father of four has been at his wit’s end about how to get rid of them. Now, as a...
  4. FTA Hacker

    General who may be next military chief sings 'The Unicorn'

    Washington (CNN) -- U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey is doing his best to avoid reporters since word leaked that he is the president's top choice to be the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. But there was no way he was going to duck questions from this group on Friday so he...
  5. FTA Hacker

    Plato: Town at the center of U.S.

    Plato, Missouri (CNN) -- If you stand at the intersection of two wooded cattle trails on Bob Hartzog's land, beneath a particular cedar tree with a handkerchief and three pieces of orange plastic tied to it, you'll find the unexpected "population center" of the United States of America, marked...

    Syrian army tanks shell city at heart of uprising

    CAIRO – Syrian army tanks shelled the old quarter of a city at the heart of the country's six-week-old uprising Sunday, as military reinforcements rolled in to join a siege that has lasted for nearly a week, a witness said. Residents have remained defiant: Unable to leave their homes, they have...
  7. B

    Can someone tell me how to turn on microphone feature on LCD monitor?

    I need step by step instructions on how to activate microphone on a Hannspree LCD monitor. There is no info on how to do this. Thanks for your help.
  8. BrandonX

    Best company that CUSTOMIZES laptops to your specs?

    I'm interested in buying a completely customized notebook preferably 15-17" screen. I just have a few questions most importantly What company is best? and the 2nd question is, could any company build a computer like thisBuilt in Digitizer.TV TunerBlu-Ray burner and Lightscribe...
  9. A

    Latency Problem While Recording and Hearing Playback Through The Headphones?

    Hi, just need someone to help me out of this.I got latency problems while I'm recording and hearing playback through my headphones. Could u help me to just solve this just please. I got Windows 7 and recording with Samson C03U Usb Condenser Microphone. Using Acid Pro / Vegas ProI hear my sound...
  10. W

    What is a good camcorder for short films?

    I am looking for a Camcorder to make short movies with. My budget is $250 and I need an input for a shotgun mic, and I would like a good picture quality
  11. L

    What is a good camcorder for recording my bands shows and practices?

    I've been looking into buying a camcorder to record my bands shows. I need something 125$ or less. I really want something that has good audio (obviously) and can capture a good picture in dark places. The venues I play in tend to be dark. I have been looking at Aiptek camcorders but I'm...
  12. V

    Can someone help me find a camcorder that allows for good sound quality?

    Hi!I'm looking for a camcorder cheaper than £350 that has good sound quality, as I want to record live classical music. I know this means I need an external mic, so if someone knows of a camcorder which is good and allows for external mic, plus a mic worth spending money on, please let me know...
  13. R

    What is the best camcorder to record instrumental performances?

    My husband likes to record himself when he practices percussion instruments. The problem is we need a camcorder that has good quality picture and can record the sound as it is. Some camcorders have an autoadjust in the sound so if a sound is too quiet it will make it louder and viseversa, we...
  14. CASPER

    `Into the soul' of movies digs composer Desplat

    In a film where sound is central, Alexandre Desplat's score to "The King's Speech" enters subtly. A simple melody slinks in, a soft, demure line of hopeful piano notes, fittingly repetitive, like the stuttering speech of the film's main character, George VI (Colin Firth). "You have to respect...
  15. CASPER

    A strange night for the Grammys

    Much like the music world itself, the Grammy Awards is a colorful train wreck of a television show. Inexplicable results and mesmerizing performances mixed with the mundane added up to a generally unsatisfying evening for CBS Sunday. Unless, of course, you're Lady Antebellum. The Grammys are...
  16. Scammer

    Top Ten Signs You Won't Win "American Idol"

    10. You dedicate "I Will Always Love You" to Saddam Hussein 9. Backstage, people say, "Are you still here?" 8. North Korea says if you lose they'll stop producing enriched uranium 7. Your mother says, "You're okay, but I'm really a big fan of Ruben" 6. You were recently named the three of...
  17. Scammer

    Police: Gardener killed Uganda activist

    -- Ugandan police announced Thursday the arrest of a 22-year-old man who they say confessed to killing gay rights activist David Kato. In a news conference at which suspect Enock Nsubuga was presented to the media, authorities said he admitted using a hammer to bludgeon Kato to death. Nsubuga...
  18. Scammer

    Lebanon's 'Kingmaker' holds key

    -- Waiting for Walid Jumblatt was more than just another moment in the rich mosaic of Middle East politics. Half an hour before he was due to appear at a press conference, cameramen were already jostling for position in the lofty crowded first floor hall of his Beirut house. "Kingmaker" in...
  19. snowbird

    8-year-old's national anthem glitch/ hope for humanity

    8-year-old's national anthem glitch Hockey crowd sings after 8-year-old's national anthem glitch By Greg Wyshynski Elizabeth Hughes, 8, made her debut signing the national anthem at an AHL Norfolk Admirals (the Tampa Bay Lightning's affiliate) game against the Connecticut Whale (New York...
  20. CASPER

    Blazers beat Clippers 98-88, spoil Griffin's debut

    LOS ANGELES – Brandon Roy scored 22 points and the Portland Trail Blazers spoiled the NBA debut of Blake Griffin with a 98-88 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday night. Griffin had 20 points and 14 rebounds, a year after his rookie season was supposed to begin. The No. 1 pick in...