1. L

    cnx mini c106 error & dead

    After trying to reset to factory mode from the menu, now my mini shows c106 when off or 0 when on. I tried to recover from PC via null modem but no help. My null modem is using pins 2,3 & 5. Apparently is communicating fine. However, at the middle of the transfer I get a some error. I have the...
  2. M

    [Cool!] CNX MINI To CNX NANO2

    Hello Guys,this weekend i did some cool, i got my CNX Mini,and i've updated to a nano file NANO_FACTORY_7[1].05_NPB by 232 port , and after that, i did file NANO_4[1].05.npb update using USB,. its working nice, may someone coud make it better! tanks Moredson
  3. 1

    limesat port problem

    limesat ultra no internet connection lights on port not working cable ok remover cover and re pluged port what to do next
  4. J


    Hello and thanks in advance, Recently I switched my ISP from DSL to cable. For lack of a long explanation I needed the 30GB capability plus switching to VOIP with sprint because they gave me the Airwave and Phone Connect Boxes needed because of signal to tower issues and now full bars on the...
  5. No Warranty

    [Tip:] How To Tell The Difference: Null Modem Or Straight Cable Determination

    The #1 loading problem is communication between PC and IRD. This is usually a serial and null modem cable problem. Null Modem cables look like straight serial cables and the only way you can tell the difference by looking is most Null Modem cables are marked with "NM" or "Null Modem". Some...
  6. G

    Windows XP WFEMU Set-up Instructions

    Please help with link to or instruction for setting up WFEMU with windows XP operating system. I have viewsat 9000HD. Not sure how to get PC to communicate with receiver. Thanks in advance for assistance.


    rq-sssp-client-1.04 RQ-SSSP-client version 1.04 *Coolsat models 4k,5k and 6k will need a Straight-thru Serial Cable as apposed to the Null Modem Cable type. The C/P below and along with more info can be found in the txt document included in the zip folder which is attached below...

    [New file] Limesat ( AIR) HD Loader

    Limesat ( AIR) HD Loader To used with a Null Modem Cable via the RS232 Port to load a Bin into LIMESAT AIR HD Receiver
  9. No Warranty

    Internet pricing ruling expected from CRTC

    The future of internet pricing and competition in Canada is about to be determined by a ruling from the CRTC. More...
  10. E

    iLink 9500 HD IKS Japan Help

    Been trying to set up the IKSJapan server settings.cfg and cannot seem to connect to the server. Am I doing something wrong? I turned in the NEWCAMD and then applied the "IKSJapan server settings.cfg" and saved the settings. All is saved and shows Server 1 and 2 are being used but both say...
  11. B

    please help a factory force load 9500

    i got it hook to the cpu it keep saying fail
  12. D

    sonicview premier latest channel bin

    does anyone have the latest channel bin for sonicview premier? im having issues scanning 110/119 satellites have a lot of missing channels please help.
  13. CASPER

    Limesat HD MAX RS232 Loader

    Limesat HD MAX RS232 Loader Limesat Japan ------------------------------------- To use the Loader. You will need a Null modem Cable, a 9 pin Serial Port on your Computer and set to Port 1. If your Computer has no Serial port then you will need to to use a USB to serial Adapter...
  14. CASPER

    To all Nanosat testers.

    C/P To all Nanosat testers. Skyteam is working on something very big and within 3 weeks the team is announcing it here. Skyteam apologizes for the recent outages it was caused by server upgrades skyteam only releases files here skyteam delivers the best support skyteam is testing something...
  15. S

    Limesat Original Factory Bin file v1.03

    Load this file via Loader Program, Null Modem Cable and RS232 Port to correct Boot Loader Corruptions. Here are the Directions.---------1) Start the Limesat_Loader program on Computer and set the com port.Use Null Modem Cable,Hook up the cable to the RS232 Port of the receiver. 2) Select...
  16. T

    Boot Loop Problem

    When I power unit on it alternates flashing 0000 then boot then a colon and repeats forever. I tried leaving it unplugged for over two weeks, still same result. I hooked up a null modem cable and it will download s/w and count down till it gets to A799 then flashes e010. Tried several factory...
  17. CASPER

    How to load the I-Link 9500HD w/ Loader and null modem cable.

    How to load the I-Link 9500HD w/ Loader and null modem cable. 1)Down load the I-Link 9500HD Loader SUpdateHD201 and unzip (extract) the file. 2)Open program Update Tool Ver 2.01 3) Set up you com port (usually Com 1) 4)File Type: Application 5)Browse for IS 9500 HD_FAC.IMG (make sure you...
  18. 1

    Do Not Reboot

    As the title states do not reboot your receiver or you will be stuck with "OFF SERVICE" the network will show as connected. This is a problem with users rebooting there receivers and not being able to reconnect to the server. This has apparently been reported and has been happening since as...
  19. I do not know

    Is this a good HP desktop for $704? It comes with a blue ray burner...?

    * Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 1 (32-bit)* Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Quad processor Q6600 (2.4GHz)* FREE UPGRADE to 3GB DDR2-800MHz dual channel SDRAM from 2GB* 256MB NVIDIA GeForce 9300, DVI-I, VGA adapter,HDMI* No Modem* 320GB 7200 rpm SATA 3Gb/s hard drive* Blu-ray DVD...
  20. Rainyday

    Connecting XBox 360 to a Windows 7 desk top through a router bridge?

    You guys helped me set up two wireless routers to get full WIFI access everywhere in my house; I hope you can help on this issue!I just installed a Gateway desktop running windows 7 to my network. It’s wired to my wireless router which in turn is wired to a second router in the basement, the 2nd...