1. T

    [Not Working!] Neusat Sp 6000 has no sound

    I have an ( old now!) Neusat Sp 6000, which was working fine, then recently it started acting strangly. First it woul dturn on and of by itself. Now that that is somewhat fixed it has no sound at all. I do get many channels but no sound. Can anyone please help?
  2. C

    Neusat 9000HD

    Hello and Greetings I just purchased a Neusat 9000HD to be use for FTA on Galaxy 16 99 west and Galaxy 19 97W. I know this box wont do S2 but there are some channels that I will like to get on those sates that still are dvb-s. When I got my Neusat 9000HD was already coverted to Captain...
  3. B

    neusat sp-6000 premium

    Hi from big boy Looking for the latest file for the neusat sp-6000 premium. Is there still any kind of support for this reciever ?
  4. W

    nano premium

    just got box able to download movies to usb stick but that is all at this time NOCH YET SCANNED GOT CH BUT ALL SCRAMBLED :afro2:
  5. Scammer

    Neosat / Neusat I2000 Newcand BIN

    Neosat / Neusat I2000 Newcand BIN This is for Neosat I 2000 PRO or Neusat I 2000 Plus basically anyone with ON-BOARD Ethernet This will give you the Newcamd control panel option to go Private. When you hit F1 you will see it make sure you hit F3 to turn OFF Autoroll for b3v and DN and IKS...
  6. WizBang

    Viewsat listed under fta archive??

    Just wondering why viewsat doesn't have it's own section and is placed under FTA archive. Top ten stats shows viewsat is the most viewed. Thanks...

    [New file] SV360 Premier_V0119P Must be loaded on all new SV-360 Premiers

    this is a little older but might be of help to (clean out) SV360 Premier_V0119P Must be loaded on all new SV-360 Premiers Hello everyone, Please perform the follow step to clean out the system, and be able to update later fix on the way.(this will auto factory reset) Please to do this you can...

    [Info!] Re: D*sh Network's E*hoStar XIV Satellite to Launch Base Echo 14 THIS WEEKEND!! Hi g

    Re: D*sh Network's E*hoStar XIV Satellite to Launch Base Echo 14 THIS WEEKEND!! Hi g Re: D*sh Network's E*hoStar XIV Satellite to Launch Base Echo 14 THIS WEEKEND!! Hi guys the new sat almost reaches 119 it was moving form 138 to 119 now its at 121, its moving 1.5 degrees per day track it...
  9. B

    IKS lawsuit starts // 2009-12-14

    IKS lawsuit starts // 2009-12-14 This explains why Nfusion and few others are not saying anything. "UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF ILLINOIS PLAINTIFFS’ ORIGINAL COMPLAINT Plaintiffs DISH Network L.L.C., EchoStar Technologies L.L.C., and NagraStar LLC, by and...
  10. J

    Viewsat ultra 2000

    Hello everyone. My name is John. I was wondering if it would be worth while to purchase a larger dish(36") to get linear signals. I'm sure with all those satelites in the sky there has to be something to experiment with. I don't think viewsat is going to be back any time soon and it would be...
  11. B

    [Question?] sv 4000

    Is there a way to ake the sv 4000 work? or is it tie to buy a new one?
  12. A

    Vewsat Pro

    Do :cry: we have the new files for the vewsat Pro?
  13. F

    n fusion

    n fusion what do they cost are they safe to use and how do they work how long will it last
  14. H

    [Attention] n3 is here!

    lost all channels on dn on my veiwsat platnium
  15. D

    [Question?] New To Neusat?

    Hey! everyone i just got myself a Neusat iPro 2000 + and was wondering if you guys can give me a hand on how to get started? Thanks in advance!
  16. C

    [General Question?] N3

    I have a viewsat extreme and I haven't used it in a few months. I was wondering if Bell is up and running on the new N3 system? Would love to get back into FTA but I hate Dishnet.
  17. M

    Arabic Channels

    I can't get the Arabic channels on my D.N. it's been out for a while. how can i get them back? Thanks. Sorry posted in wrong section last post
  18. CASPER

    Neusat / Neosat up_Ver426_V2

    Neusat/Neosat up_Ver426_V2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- up_Ver426_V2.hzf Bev/Dish Net Iks expect freezsing as it is being worked on Settings in F-3 Ar dn off ar Bev off IKS Mode 2 Thanks You V2 Team
  19. D

    Coolsat is TOAST

    If it walk's like a duck ... yes people, time to face the truth! All the rumors about moving Servers, getting busted or that Coolsat will now be supported by Neosat/Neusat are lies! With the latest loss of DN channels to N3 our Coolsat units are toast! Turn out the lights the party's over...
  20. CASPER

    [Attention] Coolsat support will be taken over......

    Coolsat support will be taken over...... It was announced today that Coolsat will be now supported by Neosat. This change follows the Neosat/Neusat Merger. Neosat has stated they will be incorporating the Coolsat Coders and all 3 recievers will have the best team and support ever. This is...