1. Anonymouse

    What is the best camcorder to buy to make youtube videos?

    I want to record 1080p high definition youtube videos, but every camcorder i find that looks good has horrible reviews and its driving me crazy. I just need a high definition camera thats good for making youtube videos.
  2. K

    What is the best camcorder for a teenager looking to record skits and fun times with his friends?

    I would like this camcorder to have some what of a waterproof feature, so I can record my wakeboard sessions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. A

    Is there a camcorder in which I can plug an external hard drive?

    I want to plug an external hard drive directly to the camcorder without using a computer. That is because I am planning to film outdoors (hiking, expeditions, camping, etc.) for long periods of time and I won't have a PC near me.
  4. C

    What type of camcorder should I use for low budget music videos?

    I'm a music artist and I'd like to record my performances and upload them on YouTube and make low budget music videos as well. What would be a decent camcorder with good sound and picture quality between $75 - $150 ?
  5. V

    Can someone help me find a camcorder that allows for good sound quality?

    Hi!I'm looking for a camcorder cheaper than £350 that has good sound quality, as I want to record live classical music. I know this means I need an external mic, so if someone knows of a camcorder which is good and allows for external mic, plus a mic worth spending money on, please let me know...
  6. bennyone

    What type of camcorder should I buy for movies with friends and filming sports games?

    I am a fifteen year old boy who wants to get a camcorder. I need it to be definently under $400. The cheaper the better, but it does need to be quality. I will be using it for movies with friends, filming sports games (example: Ultimate Frisbee), etc.
  7. M

    What type of camcorder should I recommend for my work to purchase?

    We are looking for a camcorder that uses Mini-DV tapes. We would film indoors a lot so good low light quality is important. We are looking to spend less than $1500 but for the right camera could go up to $2000. We want good sound quality. I am not a pro so I wouldn't need a bunch of fancy...
  8. A

    What kind of commercially-available camcorder has the best picture quality?

    I want to buy a camcorder for when I have kids, but I want it to have decent picture quality. How is MiniDV? Is it good picture quality? Is it better or worse than Digital-8? Should I just skip tapes altogether and get a DVD camcorder or a pure digital one?
  9. W

    What is a good camcorder that's cheap and will record on 24 fps?

    I want to buy a camcorder that will let me record on 24 fps to give it the cinema look, but i also want it to be somewhat cheap just to get started filming shorts and whatnot.Preferably a HD camcorder.
  10. B

    How do I get video from a camcorder to a blog?

    I have a Panasonic camcorder I'm trying to get video of my grandson from the camcorder to a blog. The blog only takes videos in certain formats and the camcorder videos are different formats. Can I convert them somehow?
  11. CASPER

    Euronews plans major expansion to rival CNN, BBC

    International news TV channel euronews plans a major expansion centered around a new, 20-person bureau in Brussels to better distinguish itself from rivals CNN International and BBC World News. Euronews, owned by 21 European state broadcasters and which claims 7.5 million viewers daily around...
  12. Scammer

    World's largest HDTV planned

    CONCORD - Construction crews using dump trucks and excavators have begun preparations for the debut of the world's largest HD video board at Charlotte Motor Speedway's 2011 May race events. Crews from Granite Contracting, of Concord, N.C., are using the heavy earth-moving equipment this week...
  13. Viper®

    New LED HDTV, 50+ inches

    Going to be looking for a new one soon, anyone that has recently bought one have any specific recommendations? Cheers! :beer:

    [Problem!] my remote not working

    Hey Guys,, some time us SMods needs help too,, LOL got the cnx-nano and for some reason my box is not picking up the remote it's not the remote I have my TV remote that work the box too,, I'M thinking it's has to be with in the receiver,, I tryed every think with the remote new bats. any idea...
  15. V

    Please help! Surround sound not working!

    I am very new at this so please bare with me... I have a SA-HT900 Panasonic Home Theater system. It is about 4 years old I think. I never used it much but if I did, it worked fine, anyways it's just been sitting in my old bedroom. I figured I would put it to use and I hooked it up today. Out of...
  16. CASPER

    [Wow!] D*recTV Touts 160 HDs, Bashes D*sh's Claims

    D*recTV Touts 160 HDs, Bashes D*sh's Claims Top Satellite Op Adds 30 New High-Def Channels D*recTV said it will add more than 30 new 24/7 high-definition channels in the next few months -- bringing its HD lineup to more than 160 -- and took a swipe at rival satellite provide D*sh Network's...
  17. CASPER

    Canon Vixia HF200

    Canon's acquitted itself quite well with a nearly identical trio of flash-based AVCHD camcorders, the HF10/HF11/HF100, and follow-up models HF20 and HF200 manage to improve upon their legacy. The only difference between the two models is color and memory configuration: the HF20 has 32GB built...

    [Not Working!] cd driver is not working

    Ok guts I got a sony lap top running win vista I have not use the cd/dvd driver for a long time, I went to add a progream for my cnx I notice that the cd driver runs but there its not doing nothing its not showing the driver its as if it not there at all, I went to my computer and the only thing...
  19. S

    [General Question?] LED light bulb

    I bought a LED light bulb, unfamous brand because of the low price. But I found that there is no transformer in it. The 220VAC direct connect to a full bridge, then to some RC filter and then direct to the LEDs. I don't know if this is a safe design. However, I found that even some famous brand...
  20. R

    [Question?] VS Ultra Screen Resolution

    I just bought a 40" flatscreen. The picture coming from the vs through component cables is terrible. Any ideas or thoughts on how to improve the picture quality? I have an ultra!!