1. M

    Glad I found this site !

    Thanking this site for the information and archives, I was able to solve a problem when I thought I bricked my receiver! Its up and running again so now I can say I learned something about FTA , Good job people thank you!
  2. K

    hello people

    just lookin to get to learn more about and run my test nfusion receiver with DN.
  3. adrienshepard

    Minecraft Staff application -Killaboy

    ​name:jaiage:12 skype:allready Reason i would like to be Staff is because i love to help out people have fun build and ban di**s kick spamers and love to have fun with people and get along well
  4. Z

    what i think of the site

    I think this is a very nice forum the people are kind however it needs more people on it which is why I plan to advertise this forum and the server:cool4:
  5. Z

    i love this site!

    I just wanna say this site is awesome and so are the people on it I have never seen a forum with such kind people on it I love this site and i wanna help as much as I can with the server and the site! :)
  6. J

    jpr54321 staff app

    Hello. I'm jpr54321. I'm applying for admin, head admin, or head mod. I can help the server out my advertising. playing with the players(xD) and building PvP arenas or wilds when needed. I can force justice into the server. I am a helpful person. just ask me on MC. I am not biest, and will never...
  7. M

    [Must Read!] Pbp clan staff application maf54321

    Hello. I'm maf54321 formerly as BaconZTactics. I'm applying for admin, head admin, or head mod. I can help the server out my advertising. playing with the players(xD) and building PvP arenas or wilds when needed. I can force justice into the server. I am a helpful person. just ask me on MC. I am...
  8. S

    Staff try out

    Dear Owner, My name is Chris and I have many experience with staff, since I have been staff in many server. I would like to join to help you build up this almost new server and bring more people to enjoy it with us. I can also tell when someone is hacking. I know all their tricks and I...
  9. W

    [Must Read!] Wipper's Application For Staff.

    Name: Matt Age: 15 and a half Location: Romania Email: Pros:I am a very nice guy that likes to make people laugh!I am very mature while playing and trying to be a little childish in real life to be funny.I have a sponge-like brain and i can learn a lot of new things like...
  10. D

    [Must Read!] Application Form- Moderator Or Admin

    IGN: DerickZx Skype: tnt_swag Age: 14 I have been in many servers and I want to apply to this one because I believe I can be a good staff member. I am in highschool so I might be a bit busy with work, but I know I can help your server in a lot ways. I can build cool things(In my opinion) ...
  11. No Warranty

    Manitoba fire forces 785 people from their homes

    A large forest fire in northern Manitoba has forced 785 people from their homes in the Tataskweyak Cree Nation, Man. More...
  12. No Warranty

    Life slowly returns to normal in Lac-Mégantic

    Better, more comfortable accommodations are being set up for the 200 or so people who can't return to their homes. More...
  13. No Warranty

    Alberta could have reduced flood damage, critics say

    Successive Alberta Conservative governments failed to act on a shelved 2006 flood-mitigation report that critics now say may have significantly reduced flooding, the displacement of thousands of people, and potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. More...
  14. No Warranty

    Quebec cracks down on unregistered B&Bs amid explosion of online rentals

    A spokeswoman for Tourisme Quebec says the province is investigating 2,000 people for renting out their homes for short-term stays without a permit. More...
  15. No Warranty

    Canada's treatment of aboriginal people faces global scrutiny

    Canada's record on how it treats aboriginal people will be under global scrutiny within the next year by three human-rights groups, including two from the United Nations. More...
  16. No Warranty

    Alberta highway open after crash that hurt 100

    The QEII Highway south of Edmonton has reopened after a series of crashes that injured 100 people during a storm that dumped as much as 25 centimetres of snow yesterday. More...
  17. J

    A New Guy Here

    Hello Friends, Myself James Patson. I am new to this forums and I'm found this site interesting and useful. I am looking forward to joining on the forums, helping people out with my thoughts and learning from others. Thanks in Advance James Patson
  18. No Warranty

    Twitter sues spam tool providers to stop the people who use them

    Twitter said it's taking a stand against spam by filing a federal lawsuit against five of the most aggressive tool providers and the people who use them to flood the microblogging site with junk messages. Check this article out. What do you guys think?
  19. the doctor

    CHP releases dozens arrested at Capitol protest

    California Highway Patrol officials say they have released most of the 72 people who were arrested during protests over funding for higher education at the state Capitol. More...
  20. the doctor

    Large storm front wrecks Ind. towns, kill 3 people (AP)

    AP - Powerful storms stretching from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes wrecked two small Indiana towns, killed at least three people and bred anxiety across a wide swath of the country in the second deadly tornado outbreak this week. More...