1. A

    Platinum problems

    Where can I get help to reprogram my Viewsat Platinum? I think I need to do a factory download.
  2. F


    is viewsat down platinum 2000 freezing no picture
  3. B

    Viewsat VS2000 Platinum FDBPSW-080504P-1

    Viewsat VS2000 Platinum FDBPSW-080504P-1 VS2000 PLATINUM release note ======================================= ------------------------------------ DBPSW-080504P-1 ------------------------------------ * Versions - Release Date : 2008.05.04 - Main software : DBPSW-080504P-1 - Bootloader : 0.0D...
  4. nanomuayid

    platinum is not working

    I try the fix for vs2000 platinum is not working for my any body know why?please and thank you.
  5. finkburger

    platinum / lite fix

  6. A


    new fix for platinum
  7. K


    Why is there no new files posted for viewsat platinum???
  8. T

    platinum or lite

    I just got one of my recevers to work and now am going to try to get my viewsat lite up and running. The only file I see here is this strictly for the platinum plateform or can it be used for platinum and lite? Thx for any input.
  9. Domando1069

    Viewsat Platinum BV A/R Fix Dec 5

    DBPSW_071205P Viewsat Platinum BV A/R Fix
  10. Rumas

    Viewsat Platinum Review

    The Viewsat Platinum is the Viewsat Lites big brother. This Free To Air satellite receiver includes a card reader and an fiber optic audio output. This STB also includes a universal remote. Features: Fully MPEG-2 & DVB Compliant 160 MHz Connexant Processor 16 Mb SD Ram Input Frequency...
  11. FTAGOD

    Viewsat VS2000 Platinum DBPSW-071124X

    Viewsat VS2000 Extreme DBPSW-071124X 2007.11.24
  12. L


    Hi everyone. Im new here, and I have a viewsat 2000 platinum. Thanks for all your help.
  13. darklist

    VS Platinum fix DBPSW-071024P

    VS Platinum fix DBPSW-071024P Oct 24-2007 VS Platinum fix DBPSW-071024P
  14. darklist

    Dbpsw-070817p Aug 17 2007

    Latest News: August 17, 2007 3:55am EST Here is the new fix for veiwsat platinum darklist
  15. Domando1069

    Dbpsw-070801p Aug 01 07

    Here is the new fix for veiwsat platinum
  16. darklist

    new fix

    This is the new Platinum fix.
  17. darklist

    Viewsat loader

    Use this loader with Platinum and Xtreme