1. Energizer

    Which Operation System is Best?

    I just want to gauge the forum to see what is believe to be the best OS. If you vote please post why that OS is your preferred.
  2. H


    i am from Toronto, the site look good. still have a lot to learn. will post again. Thanks for having me here.
  3. No Warranty

    Postal workers win 28-year pay equity fight

    The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled in favour of workers in a pay equity case involving women at Canada Post that was originally filed 28 years ago. More...
  4. No Warranty

    Google revises Google+ real name management policy

    Over the weekend, Google annoyed numerous one-time Google+ users by blowing away their accounts because they’d broken Google’s name restrictions. That went over well. As I asked at the time, “What was Google thinking!?” Google’s senior VP of social, Vic Gundotra, explained Google’s logic for...
  5. FTA Hacker

    Washington Post reports data breach on job ads section

    The Washington Post has alerted job seekers who use its employment pages of a data breach that compromised up to 1.27 million accounts. More...
  6. No Warranty

    Canada Post strike: Residents ask if they really need a postman

    Like postal services around the world, Canada Post has seen a rapid decline in first-class mail. It tried to adjust by cutting wages, prompting a strike that's lasted three weeks so far. When Canadian letter carriers went on strike three weeks ago they hoped to force the national postal...
  7. No Warranty

    Postal talks fizzle as back-to-work bill looms

    The weekend brought no movement on the mail front as negotiations remain stalled between Canada Post and its locked-out workers. Both sides had said they were scheduled to meet, but face-to-face talks failed to take place even as the dispute heads into a week where back-to-work legislation is...

    Canada Post strike highlights mail's fading role

    A rolling postal strike, followed by deep service cuts, has highlighted the fading role of Canada's mail service in the age of the Internet, with neither side likely to end up ahead. On one side of the dispute are postal workers who are looking for higher wages and more job security -- saying...
  9. No Warranty

    Victoria, Moncton hit by postal strike

    <div>Postal workers are on strike in Victoria and Moncton, the latest targets in the union's continuing dispute with Canada Post. "In Victoria and Moncton, the public has suffered deterioration in postal service due to Canada Post's changes to the way mail gets processed and delivered. We have...
  10. No Warranty

    Canada Post workers could strike midnight

    A meeting of the president of Canada Post, his union counterpart and the federal labour minister appears to have made little progress in averting a possible postal workers' strike. Deepak Chopra, the president and CEO of Canada Post, and Canadian Union of Postal Workers president Denis Lemelin...
  11. 9

    can u post 1.06 in rare

    wanna get back up and runing but still caint open in win zip can u please post in rare thanx.
  12. No Warranty

    Canada Post counter-proposal may avert strike

    Canada Post rejected its union's latest contract proposal on Tuesday, saying the offer would increase the Crown corporation's labour costs by $1.4 billion, but made a counter-proposal that may get negotiations back on track. The Canadian Union of Postal Workers said late Tuesday that Canada...
  13. No Warranty

    Talks continue as Canada Post strike looms

    The union representing urban-based workers at Canada Post was to present a new offer Sunday that it hoped would address the remaining outstanding issues as a strike deadline loomed. "We believe this offer should be the basis of a settlement," the Canadian Union of Postal Workers said in an...
  14. W

    need new file for vs u

    can someone post new file in rar pls
  15. 9

    cau post sky 1.05 in rare?

    cant unzip can u post in rare thanx!!!!!!
  16. WizBang

    Viewsat MAX FIles won't unzip

    Sorry about that Casper but can you post the Max files in rar too please:) Thx:veryhappy:
  17. W

    try vs ultra

    nano prem is up so should vs wf check and post
  18. Scammer

    AOL to buy Huffington Post for $315M

    -- AOL has agreed to purchase The Huffington Post for $315 million, the two entities announced in a joint news release Monday. "As part of the transaction, Arianna Huffington, The Huffington Post's co-founder and editor-in-chief, will be named president and editor-in-chief of The Huffington...
  19. CASPER

    Congratulations CBMAC2001

  20. Scammer

    Holiday mail found in Gatineau ditch

    Nancy Ray said her family has been waiting for mail to be delivered since Dec. 2. Some people in the Aylmer sector of Gatineau, Que., are looking for answers after Christmas cards, bills and letters meant for their mailboxes ended up abandoned in a roadside ditch. Gatineau police said they...