1. D

    NFPS IP change/Announcment

    C / P 2.nfps.ws has changed to the IP address 1.nfps.ws still on the IP address We want to inform users of Haiti, DR and Venezuela that we can not continue to provide service to these countries, we are sorry but this would happen at any time. **Soon and...
  2. askendria

    Iks server service list

    IKS Server service list: Know the following first before getting a server service At this time no public server services available. Some of these servers service are available for everyone. While other servers service are referral only. Some servers has website and some don’t. All in the list...
  3. askendria

    IKS Servers Status March 17 2012

    IKS Japan - AKA Akai Japan public & private Server (DOWN) *Rocket private DN - UP / BEV - (N/A) DN International - UP *NFPS private DN - UP / BEV - (N/A) DN International - UP *Above servers may run in limited channels, make a note of it if a channel is missing. Yesterday was a black out...
  4. askendria

    IKS Servers + PPV Status 03/11/2012

    IKS Japan public DN/BEV (DOWN) IKS Japan Private DN/BEV (DOWN) *Rocket private DN - UP / BEV - (N/A) DN International - UP *NFPS private DN - UP / BEV - (N/A) DN International - UP PPV's For Today shown in Rocket & NFPS Like Crazy, 543 Immortals, 529 530 531 Jack and Jill, 526 527 528...
  5. askendria

    IKS Servers + PPV Status 03/10/2012

    IKS Japan public DN/BEV (DOWN) IKS Japan Private DN/BEV (DOWN) *Rocket private DN - UP / BEV - (N/A) DN International - UP *NFPS private DN - UP / BEV - (N/A) DN International - UP PPV's For Today shown in Rocket & NFPS Young adult, 538 539 footloose, 540 541 542 Like Crazy, 543 J...
  6. askendria

    IKS Servers + PPV Status 02/29/2012

    [B]IKS Servers Status 02/29/2012 IKS Public Server DN - UP / BEV - UP / DN International (N/A) Public Server Working Receiver : captiveworks 700S & 800S Limesat Ultra & MAX HD & HD AIR Sonicview SV360 Premier & SV360 Elite & 4000 & 8000 HD Freesat 800 HD IKS Japan Public/Private PPV...
  7. W

    files for nfusion hd question

    i am trying to scan channels on 110 but only 5 ppv come up with scan. am using 27 file.is there a loader or something i need no sense inputing noi if i have no channels.
  8. F

    changing ppv tiers date for bev

    I tried to change all bev ppv tiers date with romexplorer but it doesnt work. I know my server is offering all ppvs.
  9. S

    Back to Fta- but SO MANY new questions!

    Hey guys, I used to be a very happy coolsat owner, having all the channels from local to ppv's to international. We all know what happened to coolsat after N3....AFter that I didnt risk buying another fta box. But I see there are some boxes up and I have many new questions lol. I was looking...
  10. B

    Sonicview Update June 4th

    C/P Akai Japan - Jun 4th update! As you may already know the server took a major setback on the DN channel list. Details can not be discussed but know that Akai Japan is doing everything they can to get all of the channels back up and many more. More Adult Channels & PPV's should be up...
  11. B

    [Info!] Update May 26 SonicView DN, BEV, Sky

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SonicView DN, BEV, Sky Updates - Akai Japan Group -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C/p mrsonicview Here are the updates from Akai Japan! DN: They will still be...
  12. B

    PPV up on Premium

    PPV up on Premium -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ppv channel 103 is up=Gulliver's Travels ppv channel 290 is up=J Bieber The Movie
  13. Bobbyorr

    ppv is up

    ppv channel 290 is up=The Chronicles Of Narnia 3 ppv channel 103 is up=No Strings Attached
  14. CASPER

    Refined 110/119 Channel List

    Refined 110/119 Channel List I loaded tor's channel list and refined it. Removed all non working channels! SPORTS ALT not touched SPORT channels not touched PPV Not Touched NBA not touched NHL not touched PPV SPORTS not touched Spanish channels not touched
  15. W

    Nano premium up or down only

    was watching tv went scrambled wrestling was good last night
  16. Bobbyorr

    ppv is up February 10/2011

    ppv channel 5901=You Again. nano2 and nanosat premium.
  17. B

    [Help!] cw 600s premium help please

    hellow i have a cw 600s premium and i didnt update it in a long time im just wondering as of now does it still work the way it used to ? like so i can watch w/e ppv i want and such? and where can i find the lastest loader and bin for it? i tryed a loader from here but it comes out of winrar as a...
  18. Bobbyorr

    ppv is up February 6/2011

    ppv channels 5899 and 103=piranha On the nano2 and nanosat premium
  19. Bobbyorr

    ppv is up February 4/2011

    ppv channel 103=Piranha. With freezing. On the nano2 And nanosat premium
  20. Bobbyorr

    ppv is up Jan 30/2011

    ppv channel 103=resident evil 4 ppv channel 290=Red On the nano2 & nanosat premium