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    Are there Any Hidden Secret Easter Eggs in Windows 7

    I was hunting around the Internet for Windows 7 Easter eggs or any hidden secrets and I couldn't find any. So thought I would start this thread to see if anybody else has found any Easter eggs in Windows 7. The only thing that I could find was a link to this blog: Windows 7 – No More Easter...
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    Military search protocol changed after teen's death

    The Department of National Defence is changing how the military handles search and rescue calls following the tragic death of a teenage Labrador snowmobiler. More...

    2500/FLU IKS-AUTO ID bin.

    2500/FLU IKS-AUTO ID bin. For-PUFF-LZMA-Boot. (clone/safe) As always. Use at your own risk! "2500-LZMA-V211-IKS-AUTO" Prov-ID is pulled from stream. Requires one ID remap. -------------- Uses RQ-SSSP-Client "coolsat" protocol. caid_mappings=1841:1815...

    WfEmu for Windows 7

    WfEmu for Windows 7 everyone that is even interested should head over to com0com Sourceforge page and grab either the 86/32 or 64 bit version of their program depending on what operating system your currently running, might be hard to find the downloads, BUT IF YOU LOOK CLOSE UNDER THE...

    [New Fix] Rev3 3500 IKS bins.

    Rev3 3500 IKS bins. 3500 IKS files. Revision-3. Beta testers confirmed working. As always. Test at your own risk. Setup RQ-SSSP-Client for coolsat protocol. byte_write_delay=200 receiver_protocol=1

    2700 IKS file.

    2700 IKS file. 2700 IKS. Confirmed working by beta tester. As always. Test at your own risk. Setup RQ-SSSP-Client for coolsat protocol. byte_write_delay=200 receiver_protocol=1

    [New Fix] 2500/FLU IKS bins.

    2500/FLU IKS bins. For PUFF LZMA boot. 2500/FLU IKS. Test at your own risk. Setup RQ-SSSP-Client for coolsat protocol.
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    May accuses Harper of breaking law over Kyoto

    Green Party Leader Elizabeth May says the federal government is breaking the law by withdrawing from the Kyoto Protocol. More...
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    Montreal protest denounces Canada's Kyoto stance

    More than 200 people, including former Environment Minister Stéphane Dion, gathered in downtown Montreal Saturday to decry the Canadian government's position on the Kyoto Protocol. More...
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    Canada slammed at Durban climate talks

    The coming week in Durban, S.A., will be a crucial test of whether world leaders can reach agreement on a treaty to replace the Kyoto Protocol to cut greenhouse gas emissions. More...
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    Stonesoft identifies new ways to evade intrusion detection systems

    Finnish security firm Stonesoft claims to have developed 163 new attack methods that can evade network intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDPS) over multiple communication protocols including IPv4, IPv6, TCP and HTTP. More...
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    Microsoft promises patch to block BEAST attacks

    Microsoft today said it will issue a Windows security update to plug a long-known hole in the protocol that secures websites. More...
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    Scariest IPv6 attack scenarios

    Experts are reporting a rise in the number of attacks that take advantage of known vulnerabilities of IPv6, a next-generation addressing scheme that is being adopted across the Internet. IPv6 replaces the Internet's main communications protocol, which is known as IPv4. More...
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    Black Hat: Routers using OSPF open to attacks

    A researcher at Black Hat has revealed a vulnerability in the most common corporate router protocol that puts networks using it at risk of attacks that compromise data streams, falsify network topography and create crippling router loops. More...
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    When will we ever learn?

    I mentioned last issue a number of proposed identity protocols (Passport, Cardspace, OpenID, DigitalME, et al.) that have either died or, so far, failed miserably. There's a new entry in the so-called "user-centric" ID space that shows all the signs of following that path. More...
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    The Best Ways of Practicing Chat Room Protocol

    The Best Ways of Practicing Chat Room Protocol With internet everywhere, a lot of chat room communities have emerged. They have been structured in various regions to cater for the high demand of people. Several chat rooms have their own individual set of rules and guidelines as well. What are...
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    TSA stands by officers after pat-down of elderly woman in Florida

    (CNN) -- The Transportation Security Administration stood by its security officers Sunday after a Florida woman complained that her cancer-stricken, 95-year-old mother was patted down and forced to remove her adult diaper while going through security. Reports of the incident took hold in social...
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    RCMP charged in B.C. murder probe

    A special prosecutor has approved charges including breach of trust and obstruction of justice against four RCMP officers involved in the investigation of a 2007 gangland slaying that left six dead in a Surrey, B.C., highrise. Christopher Considine has approved a total of 20 charges against...
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    Canada geese near New York City airport to be captured and fed to the poor

    New York City seems to have found a solution to its pesky Canada geese problem: kill them and ship them to Pennsylvania to feed the poor. New York City has a solution to its pesky Canada geese problem. The birds, which have become a major hazard to planes departing the area's airports, will...
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    TSA moves to fire Honolulu workers

    Washington (CNN) -- The Transportation Security Administration took steps Friday to fire 36 screeners and bosses at Hawaii's Honolulu International Airport after an investigation substantiated allegations that bags were allowed on planes without proper screening. The firing is believed the...