1. No Warranty

    [Solved] How to fix Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 11.5 Error: Cannot find import; DLL may be missing, corrupt, or wrong version File “dll10shrd.dll”

    I purchased and installed Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 11.0 on my Windows 7 64 bit computer last week with no trouble at all. After the installation was complete Dragon NaturallySpeaking informed me there was an update for free to version 11.5. I clicked update and I allowed it to install...
  2. mike_winnipeg

    [Info!] eliptical dish modification

    i am letting the group know of my adventure with a s***choice dish and making it work on 110 + 119 ,could also be used on 82 + 91 i did not put a lnb holder on the end of the arm , i just replaced the old lnb with the circular type. i then took the arm off the dish and drilled a 1/4 hole approx...
  3. D

    My iPod won't show up on itunes!!!!! How do i fix that problem?

    I got a new dell computer, which has window 7 on it. I downloaded itunes but my iPod won't show up in itunes or on My Computer. I looked it up on the Apple website and it says that i have to Reset, Retry, Restart, Reinstall and Restore. Will this delete all music and videos on my iPod?
  4. H

    why wont flatout 2(computer game) run on widows 7?

    we recently bought a laptop running windows 7 and i installed flatout 2 on it. when i try to run the game, it says d3dx9_30.dll was not found on the computer. then it says that reinstalling the program might fix the problem. when i reinstall it the same thing happens. the game runs on my windows...
  5. Y

    Problem with iTunes 7.1.1?

    I am using iTunes 7.1.1, running on a Sony Vaio with Windows XP. Everything has worked well until recently. I had run a recording program AUDACITY. The next time I attempted to open iTunes I got the message "iTunes can not run because it has detected a problem with your audio configuration."...
  6. H

    Windows Media Player problem?

    For some reason, every time I click on the windows Media Player icon, it says:"Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the time."But...if I open something through "Open with...Windows Media Player" . It works. What's wrong...
  7. Y

    How do I fix the problem with a TI-89 Titanium Calculator connectivity?

    I've just downloaded TI-Connect for my TI-89 Titanium and when I connect my calculator to my computer it tells me the device driver was not installed correctly. I'm running Windows 7 64-bit.
  8. T

    How do i uninstall my Adobe Photoshop and reinstall it?

    I downloaded my CS5 Adobe Photoshop on one computer and need to switch it to another? Can I put in my product key/ serial number even though I already put it in when i installed it on my first computer? If i lost my product key/ serial number how do i get it?
  9. I

    Im building a new computer and im wondering if i should us AMD or Intel?

    Hi, im building a new computer and was wondering to use AMD or Intel. Im not planning on over clocking and im leaning towards a Crossfire graphics since SLI's software isnt that great right now. But would ya recommend a 3.2Ghz AMD A2 or a 3.0Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo? and other recomendations? im...
  10. A

    how come when i attempted a partial reset of my hp printer it won't turn back on?

    originally i went to the site to find out why the print cartridge light kept flashing although it wasn't empty but after the rest i've tried everything to get it to turn back on but it won't.
  11. W

    having an issue with my hp officejet 4315v all in one printer?

    i can scan and make copies with my all in one printer but when i command it to print a page off my computer i get a message that there is a paper jam. ive checked the printer there is no paper jam but i keep getting the same message. is there a way to reset the printer so it will print again?
  12. J

    How to transfer EVERYTHING from my old Harddrive to my new one?

    I have been told a application will transfer everything from an old harddrive to a new one, where can I get an application like this?When I say everything I mean everything, including the Operating system (Vista)
  13. Cool Guy

    How to i put my files into my harddrive?

    People tell me, back up your files before you reinstall windows on your computer, but all they say it put them in your harddrive. How do i put them in my harddrive?
  14. C

    How do i move starcraft 2 battlenet installation to a Harddrive with more space?

    I have tried to install battle-net for Starcraft 2 and there isn't enough space on the Harddrive. My computer hasn't fully installed it yet and i can't change the installation destination. Can someone plz help me?!?!
  15. M

    why does my ip3300 pixma printer wont recognize my black ink?

    My Pixma ip3300 won't recognize my PGI-5 black ink cartridge. It was working well for some time and all of sudden (I just refill it) the cartridge isn't recognized. When I take it out and reinstall it the cartridge lamp goes on, but when the printer resets itself the indicator lamp goes out. I...
  16. Southpaw

    How can I permanently erase information left on the harddrive?

    I know that putting something in the recycle bin and emptying it gets it out of my sight, but I also know that info remains on the harddrive even after this happens.
  17. L

    Does anyone know how to reset a refilled ink cartridge for a lex mark 8300 series printer?Thank you?

    If you are going to tell me to go and buy a new cartridge do not bother with a response..
  18. BrandonX

    How do I transfer a file that has old contacts that is on my harddrive to a newly installed Outlook progam?

    I saved my outlook files to my memory stick then back to my hardrive on the computer. I had reinstall the operating system. Now I reinstalled everything and want to move those saved contacts on my harddrive or memory stick back to Outlook.
  19. R

    How do I unlock a harddrive that was encrypted in windows 7 and unlock it in windows vista?

    I tried the windows 7 beta release version and i encrypted my harddrive while i was at it. I put a password down and i still remember it but i can't open the harddrive now in windows vista. if you require the password from me, here it is.Password- 3.14159265358979323846264338327950All of my...
  20. B

    If you wipe out your harddrive reinstall new windows in the same harddrive what is the best software?

    What is the best software to recover your old files back since your files dont simply erase it just simply overwrites the files.Also does repeat over write of harddrive have any effect on performances of your drive???