1. S


    Hi! all , thanks to Rumas for the welcome and all mods and members. I will take time to check out site and see what it is all about. Like it so far. :applouse:
  2. Rumas

    Lets all welcome aalard as our new mod!

    Congratulation aalard! ...and thank you for joining our team. And I special thank you to buttman302 for bring him to the site. Rumas :toot::toot::toot::toot::toot::toot:
  3. B

    Hello from BC.

    Hey Rumas Congratulations on the development of the site. It's quite a different animal than when it first started... Keep up the good work!
  4. B


    Congratulations, Rumas Your site seems to have taken off... since the last time I was on anyway. Later, Bylover
  5. D


    I want to show my thanks in representation of all forum members to those who through 2007 have been helping as volunteers with their advice and kindness. To Darklist, Domando 1069, Rumas, AMAUTO, Cobra, teknosoft, bmy886 and other moderators is our gratitude as recognition for their...