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    4DTV C-Band

    In case anyone has a 4dtv receiver that they haven't sold yet there is a guy in Chicago under the name C-band Forever/ Glentech who is advertising that he replaces batteries and remaps these receivers. He has burned countless people and it has been documented on many FTA sites on the net. If you...
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    Hey everybody I am new here but would like to help and get help. I have a bunch of C-band satellites and receivers that I am always tinkering with.
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    A brief introduction

    Hi All I have been involved with satellite delivered content since the C-band days. I am a Hughsnet certified installer/tech and have passed a course in network engineering. Currently I do some FTA receiver testing and volunteer a couple of days a week at a computer recycling facility building...
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    Big Howdy,,,

    Hello and a big howdy,,,, Keep on aRockin',,,
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    True FTA

    I'm looking for portuguese channels on fta, i do have a c band set to 55.5W and i was wondering if i can get 58W in southern Ontario. Thank you in advance
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    How to use a Dish 1000 plus for Sats 110/118/119/129 with a FTA receiver

    I want to know the set up to use a Dish 1000 plus dish to get the 4 birds 110/118/119/129 with a FTA receiver. I only want to use one wire to the dish if possible. I have a Dish Pro power inserter if needed. Now I only want to use the LNB'S that come with the dish.Not interested changing to...

    CW4K to Mediaportal Sat xml files for regular LNBs

    CW4K to Mediaportal Sat xml files for regular LNBs Please Note. For MediaPortal use. These will not work with DishPro Pluss LNBs. These will work with the standard dual or single LNBs you use for the north american satellites. Try them is all you can do. I have...
  8. No Warranty

    University band suspended over 'degrading' guidebooks

    Queen's University in Kingston, Ont., has suspended its marching band from participating in any performances for the rest of the term, saying it circulated material containing offensive language demeaning to women. More...
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    110 119 118 91 82 Standar Legacy DB Channel list

    This is for standard / Legacy LNBs If you need dish pro simply use channel master and convert. Enjoy!
  10. CASPER

    Dp110 118 119 fsc & fsc+ fix

    Dp110 118 119 fsc & fsc+ fix FOR DISH PRO LNBs DN has / is moving Fox Soccer Channel to Channel 406 & has moved Fox Soccer Plus to 407 Well this channel list has already been fixed and updated. Also 118 West is the Hindi Mega Pack w. Ten Cricket , Neo Cricket , Willow Cricket...
  11. FTA Hacker

    Five Things CIOs Need to Know about Anonymous

    1. Nobody's in charge. "We are Anonymous. We are legion." This cryptic slogan is used by a band of hackers who call themselves Anonymous. Active for nearly a decade now, the group catapulted into prominence in the past year with attacks on PayPal, Visa, HBGary and Sony. Often called a hacking...
  12. bruksn

    Ferguson Ariva: Polish Openbox

    I've been using my Ferguson Ariva 100 for over a year now & for FTA it does very well. Mostly for FTA C-band but also for the FTA Ku band both with motorized dishes: A 7.5ft Perfect 10 C-band & a 36" WSI Ku band with a DG380 motor. Only two files can be used for the Openbox S9: the TS tool &...
  13. CASPER

    Nymphs, Iggy Pop drummer Kirst dies in hit-and-run

    CATHEDRAL CITY, Calif. – Drummer Alex Kirst, a member of The Nymphs glam rock band who became a member of Iggy Pop's band, was struck and killed in a hit-and-run crash in the California desert. He was 47. Cathedral City police say a white Chevrolet Tahoe or GMC Yukon struck Kirst, who was on...
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    [Problem!] DISEqC Switch BLOWING!

    I have had more DISEqe Switches blown, than Monica lewinski blew presidents! I updated the new file and was watching for about 15 mins and then, NO SIGNAL. When I go back to the ant set up. I have no Q or S! Replacing the switch seems to fix the problem, BUT I have replaced almost 10 switches...
  15. Scammer

    Long-range missile defense test fails

    A test of the United States' only long-range missile defense system failed Wednesday -- the second failure this year in two tries. The Pentagon's Missile Defense Agency said both the intermediate-range ballistic missile target...
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    using viewsat ultra for true FTA

    Unit still has old file from back in the if I wanna point at True FTA C Band...which factory file would I need or would any file work thax
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    [Confused!] Conaxsat cnx system hook up

    I purchased a conaxsat CNX/DUO rec,used , hooked it up to my dish signal, via Disque sw, loaded the factory LDR file,the x00 DNG file via USB divice and did a channel serch and all I get is Sig scrambled? What am I doing wrong?

    [Cool!] COSMO SkyMed-4 Scheduled for Weekend Launch

    Source: Boeing - Friday, October 29, 2010 What: Boeing is launching the fourth satellite in an Italian Constellation of Small Satellites for Mediterranean basin Observation (COSMO) SkyMed for Thales Alenia Space Where: Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif. When: Saturday, Oct. 31, 2010 at 7:20...
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    91w and 99w

    For those in the boonies I would like to suggest using a motorized set up. I recently installed a six foot center focus kit in southwest Florida. It is well worth the several hundred dollars to get most of the networks on 99w and the sports and FX feeds on 91w. It is best to use a box that blind...

    Dish Network Could Lose Fox Programming

    Dish Network Could Lose Fox Programming Washington, D.C. (September 8, 2010) -- Dish Network subscribers apparently are facing the possibility of losing some Fox programming networks on October 1. Some local Fox affiliates are now posting notices at their web sites saying that Dish may stop...