1. T

    how to Unsubscribe

    Hi any one know how to Unsubscribe from this site where to go too
  2. C

    [Welcome!] New to site

    Hello my names christopher im new here.:rolleyes2:
  3. M

    Glad I found this site !

    Thanking this site for the information and archives, I was able to solve a problem when I thought I bricked my receiver! Its up and running again so now I can say I learned something about FTA , Good job people thank you!
  4. A

    Super Mod

    -Hi everyone, .....I'm from a FTA site and if U need it just PM me Very nice site
  5. W


    hello everyone. is this site still running or are you down
  6. S


    hello new to the site and to FTA could use some help setting up everything
  7. J

    Happy to be here

    Thank you for accepting me as a member on this site. Based on my perusal of the site so far it seems to be very informative and have a lot of help for people like myself who from time to time need assistance and also can give advise where possible.I know I will enjoy my stay and thanks in...
  8. Z

    i love this site!

    I just wanna say this site is awesome and so are the people on it I have never seen a forum with such kind people on it I love this site and i wanna help as much as I can with the server and the site! :)
  9. fireshower

    What OS is better - Windows Vista and Windows 7?

    Is Windsor Vista better than Windows 7? What makes it better?
  10. S

    new to the site

    Would like to say hello to all members. Looks like a very cool site full of info, looking forward to a long stay. cheers to all
  11. No Warranty

    Fracking may jeopardize Gros Morne UNESCO status

    Gros Morne National Park's status as a world heritage site may be in jeopardy due to plans for controversial oil exploration on Newfoundland's west coast, CBC News has learned. UNESCO is looking for answers about the proposed fracking near the site. More...
  12. G


    hello everyone thanks for letting me be a member of your site
  13. F

    Hi everybody!

    This looks like an awesome site! Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of it.
  14. S

    Hello Guys

    Hello guys, good to be aboard, wonderful site. Thanks
  15. adrienshepard

    im new

    hi im new i just joined this site a few days ago
  16. T

    Hi am new to site not idea or concept.

    Just wanted to say hi from miami yeah.
  17. vando1985


    hello nice site i m a moderator over at satfix i m glad to be here and learn more from you thank you for having me
  18. academia


    Just saying Hi. New to this site. Hope to share some insights.
  19. D

    Welcome back?

    Very different since the last time I was here, maybe back in 2010? Looks busy and glad to see it's growing:eagerness: Hope all are well and enjoying the site!
  20. S


    Hello to everyone.. I just join the site I'm new member. Thankslot.