1. P

    [Welcome!] dear sir i want know about this software for cardsharing

    please help explain this software
  2. No Warranty

    [Video] John McAfee releases a video on Uninstall McAfee Antivirus

    Jun 18, 2013 International fugitive, criminal suspect and self-described eccentric millionaire John McAfee has released a tongue-in-cheek video explaining how to uninstall the security software that still bears his name. McAfee claims that one of the most frequent questions he's asked is...
  3. James-007

    What is the best software for animation and graphical design?

    What the best software creating animations and graphical design? Do these programs allow to record, filter and edit sounds for my animation projects?
  4. C

    No DVR Software works with my recordings..

    I have an Openbox S12, i have tried Ali DVR Export tool, Ariva TS tool, DVR Converter and nothing will detect my dvrs, i select the Directory Avidvrs2/[ts]2012.... and all i get on all three programs is ready? Any ideas will be greatfully appreciated..
  5. J

    How do i transfer this to my receiver dongle(x-fta)? Stupid Question, i see now that i have fixed my own problem. X-fta has its own software from gargoyle, if you are using the X-fta with a captiveworks 600p " do not use the caid mismatch fix in software." You...
  6. No Warranty

    10 Simple Tricks to Speed Up Your Computer

    10 Simple Tricks to Speed Up Your Computer Using these 10 simple tricks, you can bring your sluggish PC back to its former peppy self. These tips are quick and easy to do, most using the help of free software. What are your thoughts? Click here to view the original post.
  7. FTA Hacker

    German officials admit to deploying intercept software

    Officials in a number of German state governments have owned up to using the Quellen-TKÜ Trojan Horse software in criminal investigations to intercept encrypted telecommunications on PCs. At least one state said it has suspended use of the software, after the Chaos Computer Club discovered that...
  8. FTA Hacker

    FTC: P-to-P software shared personal info from smartphones

    Peer-to-peer software developer Frostwire has agreed to settle U.S. Federal Trade Commission charges that its software would likely cause users to unknowingly share sensitive personal files, including pictures, from their Android devices, the FTC said Tuesday. More...
  9. FTA Hacker

    Quicken 2012: A Lot to Offer the Budget Weary

    Despite a few blemishes and competition from free cloud-based services like (also owned by Intuit), Quicken 2012 offers well-integrated "old school" software that's still the best at helping you budget and control your debt. More...
  10. No Warranty

    Salon Software Programs - How They Help You Run Your Business Better

    Salon Software Programs - How They Help You Run Your Business Better Are you running your hair, beauty or mall salon business without the benefit of any salon software programs? If so, then you are doing yourself a great disservice because these software programs can be of immense help to you...
  11. FTA Hacker

    NSA Label-based System Could Secure Big Data

    The National Security Agency has submitted Accumulo, its label-based, data-store software, to the Apache Software Foundation so that other parties can further develop the technology for use in secure systems. More...
  12. No Warranty

    The Demand for Help Desk Software

    Different companies are doing different business but their IT systems always require a quick and efficient IT support solution. Help Desk Software is doing a good job regarding to this requirement. What are your thoughts? Click here to view the original post.
  13. FTA Hacker

    Symantec releases next-gen email archiving software

    Symantec today unveiled the latest version of its email archiving software, which can now automatically classify email and assign it to the appropriate tier of storage. More...
  14. FTA Hacker

    Malwarebytes preps enterprise edition of PC-cleaning software

    Malwarebytes this fall expects to release an enterprise-grade anti-malware platform that it says doesn't compete directly with traditional antivirus software because it relies more on observing how the malware acts and less on seeking code signatures. More...
  15. CASPER

    Nano Premium SE Home streaming Software

    Nano Premium SE Home streaming Software
  16. CASPER

    Nano Lite home Streaming Software

    Nano Lite home Streaming Software
  17. FTAGOD

    [New Fix] SV8000HD_svlan_HD11_a

    SV8000HD_svlan_HD11_a If you are having issues with software upgrade message use this file. Fixes Software Upgrade Issue. Note that you load the file: After reboot it will update the Wizhub, do not turn off let it update
  18. CASPER

    [New Fix] Vs max hd pftahdmsw_110429hm

    Vs max hd pftahdmsw_110429hm Release VS MAX HD Note ================================= ------------------------------ PFTAHDMSW_110429HM ------------------------------ * Versions - Release Date : 2011.04.29 - Main software : PFTAHDMSW_110429HM - Boot Ver ...
  19. CASPER

    VS 900hd Pftahdsw-110429h 9000 hd

    Pftahdsw-110429h 9000 hd ------------------------------ * Versions - Release Date : 2011.04.29 - Main software : PFTAHDSW-110429H - Boot Ver : 1.05 * Change ( Main software upgrade ) - Network software updated (ver. DX-X00-N APP 2.00.13)
  20. WizBang

    Pftausw-110429u ================================= Release VS ULTRA Note ================================= ------------------------------ PFTAUSW-110429U------------------------------ * Versions - Release Date : 2011.04.29 - Main software : PFTAUSW-110429U -...