1. I

    [Question?] HDMI To VGA, NEED HELP!

    Okay, so my hd tv is no longer in a functioning order but i have a HP L1706 monitor that is VGA only. link to specs-> and i am wanting to be able to connect my ps3 through hdmi into a converter box of amazon and display it...
  2. L

    LCD Monitor?

    I have an LCD monitor thats works fine when I start but after a while the green color takes over where the screen is white.Also shades the other colors green on the monitor .The pins are okay and there is no interference around the monitor.Thanks for your answers
  3. N

    What 1080p LCD monitor is the best for me?

    I want a 1920x1080 LCD monitor. 16:9 aspect ratio. A low response time and a high contrast ratio. With no less than 1 VGA (analog) port, 1 DVI (digital) port. And a HDMI port if there is one would also be nice, but i dont need it. And my budget is around 200 but i will consider going over that.
  4. Cool Guy

    How can I add speakers to an LCD monitor?

    Currently, my LCD monitor has no speakers. It has a VGA and DVI connection. I was going to connect an xbox to it with an HDMI to DVI connection but I was wondering how I would get sound. Any ideas? The only one I can think of using is Turtle Beach headsets to play sound through there but any...
  5. I

    What are the names of those cords that I can connect to an lcd monitor with speakers?

    I have an lcd monitor with speakers installed in them and currently have a cord that connects to my computer that displays everything, but with no sound. Whats the name of the cord that works for audio and visual? Sorry I'm completely ignorant on this topic
  6. bennyone

    What source should I consult to find out why my computer does not function with my new LCD monitor?

    I have a Quicksilver G4 mac (using OSX 10.3.9) that has a Nvidia GeForce2 MX graphics card. I recently purchased a Samsung 204B LCD monitor It has both VGA and DVI inputs and offers the ability to rotate the screen from landscape to portrait mode. I can use the DVI input and the rotate feature...
  7. JohnnyMAC

    How long will it be before the lack of a DVI input on my new lcd monitor becomes a problem?

    I just bought a 19 inch lcd widescreen monitor from Costco at a really great price. I now realize it has no DVI input and is strictly analog. To decide whether to return it for a refund or to exchange it for something else, I need some idea of how long it will be before the lack of a DVI input...

    What kind of desktop computer should i get?

    I need a new desktop computer. It must be able to play all the newest games, and a built in DVD and blu-ray player and burner would be great. I'm willing to spend up to $3000 maybe more, depending on if it's worth it. thanks
  9. B

    How do i connect my xbox360 to my lcd monitor?

    I can connect my xbox360 to my lcd monitor 1080p screen and the picture will show but the sound is nonexistent and the picture shown is not presented in a HD format. My monitor does not have a audio port built in and only has a dvi-d and a vga port(s). Will it be possible to connect my xbox to...
  10. G

    PS3 connect to dvi in or to a vga output on a lcd monitor?

    Is there some sort of adapter that allows the PlayStation 3 to display on a lcd monitor which accepts either a VGA adapter or a DVI In cable?Cause I presently have a Xbox 360 that is connected to it using the vga hd av adapter by Microsoft. But I want my PS3 to connect to my lcd monitor if...
  11. L

    Any practical way to connect a cable TV box to LCD monitor?

    I have an Explorer 4200 cable TV box with RCA jacks, RF coax and an S-video port, and a Gateway 900W LCD computer monitor with both DVI and VGA ports. Is there any way of connecting the cable box to the monitor with simple cables, or will it require an expensive converter of some kind?
  12. A

    How can I connect a digital camera straight to an LCD monitor?

    I would like to connect my camera direct to an LCD monitor so that clients in the studio can view the images as I shoot. The monitor I have spare does not have a composite video input, just VGA. Is there some convertor out there that will convert composite video from the camera into VGA that can...
  13. I do not know

    Is this a good HP desktop for $704? It comes with a blue ray burner...?

    * Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 1 (32-bit)* Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Quad processor Q6600 (2.4GHz)* FREE UPGRADE to 3GB DDR2-800MHz dual channel SDRAM from 2GB* 256MB NVIDIA GeForce 9300, DVI-I, VGA adapter,HDMI* No Modem* 320GB 7200 rpm SATA 3Gb/s hard drive* Blu-ray DVD...
  14. CASPER

    New MacBook Pros get FaceTime HD cameras, hit by Thunderbolt

    Can you use a WiFi adapter to connect to Bluetooth devices? Yep, they're still pricey, but Apple's updated MacBook Pro laptops now boast Intel's new Sandy Bridge processors, improved cameras capable of HD video chat, and a speedy new interface with a cool-sounding name: Thunderbolt. It's been...
  15. X

    ATI Driver help Radeon IGP 320M?

    I have a Ze4115 HP, with Radeon IGP 320m hardware. Could someone PLEASE help me figure out which ATI Driver AND Catalyst I should download.The default Driver is very buggy, and years ago, I was walked thru updating it and adding catalyst, and it fixed all the problems, I just don't remember...
  16. J

    How can I run my xfx ATI radeon HD 5670 graphics card on an SD monitor?

    I bought an ati radeon hd 5670 graphics card, it only has an HDMI port but I don't have an HD monitor to spare to hook up to this pc. Are there any work arounds? besides buying a converter what can I do? Thanks!
  17. R

    Can I install ATI Radeon Video Cards on any Intel motherboard?

    I have a pc with Intel p55 M/B with1GB integrated VGA. I want to upgrade this video card to an ATI Radeon. Can I do it?If not can I install a Nvidia on this Motherboard?
  18. A

    how to install ATI driver correctly?

    how to install ATI driver for my ATI Mobility HD2400 XT in my laptop? my driver version is 8.401.0.0i wanna update it to 8.9 version but i'm confused of the lists from ATI OS is Vista home premium,32bit system.i've asked my cousin to update it to 8.8 for me before but nothing...
  19. H

    ATI Driver install Issues?

    My Computer's HDD met it's fate recently, didn't crash, rather so much crap on it the computer performance was comparable to a snail race. Nothing works better than a fresh install of windows! So I went ahead and re-installed Windows, everything went fine - except - my Graphics Card. It's a...
  20. A

    How to get an ati radeon 5550 to run dual monitors?

    I installed an ATI Radeon 5550 on my HP and I was wondering how I would set it up so that I could run dual monitors. I have one already, I just need to know how to attach another monitor. Do I need an attachment or do I run a cable from one monitor to the other, any info is helpful