1. FTA Hacker

    Microsoft to retire Office XP, Vista SP1 next week

    Microsoft is set to retire 2001's Office XP and the first service pack for Windows Vista next week. More...
  2. Edsport

    Sport's Atmega Programmer for windows Vista...

    For those of you who are running windows vista and would like to use my pfg files. This is jEEPers modified for my pfgs. For atmega 128 and windows vista. Do not use with any other windows other than windows Vista.

    Jeepers for windows vista

    Jeepers for windows vista
  4. C

    [Noobie Question?] skyview plus loader/vista

    :realmad: Help! I need a Skyview plus 1000 loader that is compatible with Windows Vista. Is there one and thanks in advanced.

    [Attention] RomRipper 1.0.2 with Vista support

    RomRipper 1.0.2 with Vista support
  6. S

    Networking Vista and Xp

    I have had no success networking Vista and Xp machines, can someone point me in the right direction:realmad:
  7. J

    Vista and microsoft office

    Will office 2000 or xp office work with vista or will only 2007 work? :goofy:
  8. Rumas

    Install Windows Vista in 2 minutes!!

    How to install windows Vista in 2 minutes! FVbf9tOGwno
  9. Rumas

    Windows Vista Aero

    xC5uEe5OzNQ thats so cool!!!
  10. teknosoft

    What does VISTA stands for??

    V irus I ntruder S pyware T rojan A dware OR Vista Instantly Stops The Attackers OR Vista Is Simple To Activate your choice...