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    [Tip:] A great Windows Explorer replacement - Explorer++

    Tried of windows explorer be so limiting? Why not try Explorer++, it doesn't even need to be installed. Download it here: Explorer++ - A small and fast file manager for Windows
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    [Tip:] Automatically expand to current folder in an Explorer window Navigation Pane

    Go to Control Panel -> Folder Options In the "General Tab" the find "Automatically Expand to current folder" make sure it is checked.
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    [Tip:] How to set windows 7 to automatic refresh explorer windows

    Ever have that problem in Windows 7 where you delete or move files and the explorer windows doesn't update the changes in the explorer window? Well here is a way to have explorer automatically refresh. As with any registry edit I recommend you make a system restore point or back up the registry...
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    [Tip:] How to search by date range in Windows 7

    In any Explorer window at the top in the search click the "magnifying glass", then click "Date Modified", while holding shift down and dragging your mouse from the start date to the end date of the dates you wish to search for files in. ...that's it hope this helps somebody out.
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    [Tip:] Sony Vegas Keyboard Shortcuts Chart

    Project file shortcuts Magnification and view shortcuts Command Keyboard Shortcut Create new project Ctrl+N Create new project and bypass Project Properties dialog Ctrl+Shift+N Open existing project or media file Ctrl+O Save project Ctrl+S Open project’s properties...
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    Expert: Microsoft Has Itself to Blame in Browser-Privacy Flap

    Microsoft is pointing fingers at Google and Facebook for circumventing the privacy mechanism baked into Internet Explorer, but the real problem lies in its own failure to implement the P3P privacy standard well, an expert says. What are your thoughts? Click here to view the original post.
  7. the doctor

    NASA launches super-size rover to Mars: 'Go, Go!' (AP)

    AP - The world's biggest extraterrestrial explorer, NASA's Curiosity rover, rocketed toward Mars on Saturday on a search for evidence that the red planet might once have been home to itsy-bitsy life. More...
  8. FTA Hacker

    Microsoft slates IE bug fix for next week

    Microsoft today said it will ship eight security updates next week to patch 23 vulnerabilities in Windows, Internet Explorer (IE) and several other products in its portfolio. More...
  9. FTA Hacker

    Microsoft dragging its feet with browser fix, security vendor says

    StrikeForce Technologies, a small vendor of a keystroke encryption technology, is accusing Microsoft of not acting fast enough to fix a browser issue that it says is preventing StrikeForce's technology from working with Internet Explorer 9. More...
  10. FTA Hacker

    Microsoft patches 1990s-era 'Ping of Death'

    Microsoft today issued 13 security updates that patched 22 vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, Windows, Office and other software, including one that harked back two decades to something dubbed "Ping of Death." More...
  11. FTA Hacker

    Microsoft slates 22 patches for Windows, IE next week

    Microsoft today said it will ship 13 security updates next week to patch 22 vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, Windows, Visio and Visual Studio. More...
  12. FTA Hacker

    Microsoft slates 22 patches for Windows, IE next week

    Microsoft today said it will ship 13 security updates next week to patch 22 vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, Windows, Visio and Visual Studio. More...
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    Browser Wars: Chrome winning, IE losing

    Chrome keeps growing despite competition from Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4. Some interesting read I came across to share. Any comments?
  14. L

    Any practical way to connect a cable TV box to LCD monitor?

    I have an Explorer 4200 cable TV box with RCA jacks, RF coax and an S-video port, and a Gateway 900W LCD computer monitor with both DVI and VGA ports. Is there any way of connecting the cable box to the monitor with simple cables, or will it require an expensive converter of some kind?
  15. Zachy

    How do you find the Adobe Premiere Pro product key using Product Key Explorer?

    Hey. I downloaded the trial version of Product Key Explorer. It says that all you have to do is click the "Find Keys" button and it will scan your computer of the programs that it can provide product keys for. But even though I have Adobe Premiere Pro installed on my computer, it doesn't give...
  16. S

    How come I get an error message with Internet Explorer 8 and Adobe Reader 9?

    When I close an Internet Explorer 8 window, an error message pops up that says "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience"However, when I removed my Adobe Reader 9, that message does not pop up anymore when I close a internet explorer...
  17. E

    How do I protect my iPod Touch applications and photos after I lost the host computer?

    Here is the problem.When I bought my iPod Touch I registered it to a computer. When I try to plug it into a different computer, it warns me that I will lose all my applications if I switch computers. The original computer that I registered my iPod to no longer exists so I need a new host...
  18. L

    How to take music from one ipod and putting it to my itunes library?

    My cousin let me borrow his ipod and it has over 500 songs. I want to take those songs and put it all in my itunes library but when ever i try to sync, it said i have to erase the songs on the ipod. How do i take his songs from his ipod and put it into my library without the getting the songs...
  19. CASPER

    New Identity for Arctic Explorer Emerges 140 Years Later

    In 1845, two ill-fated British ships headed for the Canadian Arctic in the hope of discovering the Northwest Passage to the Pacific Ocean. More than two decades later, the nearly complete skeleton of one of the explorers was recovered from a shallow, stone-covered grave on King William Island in...
  20. CASPER

    Red Planet for Sale? How Corporate Sponsors Could Send Humans to Mars

    NASA scientists and their colleagues are now proposing corporate financing for a human mission to Mars. This raises the prospect that a spaceship named the Microsoft Explorer or the Google Search Engine could one day go down in history as the first spaceship to bring humans to the Red Planet...